It Might Be Time to Revisit Service and Body Team Production – Part 3

In the last two columns, we reviewed the service and body team production system’s history and many facets, which over decades evolved into a variety of successful and not successful offspring. When developed and installed correctly, it is by far t
Dec 3, 2018

Avoid an Accident – It’s in Your Control (and Responsibility as a Dealer)

Once the vehicle is sold there remains another responsibility to the dealer. This is to assure the customer is confident that should they require collision repair, you are the one to provide it. Your recommendation of a collision repair facility is c
Oct 12, 2017

Service Worth Sharing is the Future of Your Dealership

As the automotive industry continues to evolve and look toward the future, it is clear that service departments are an integral piece of every dealership’s overall success. For varying reasons, consumers are looking to dealerships to provide outsta
Jul 15, 2015

Boost Your Sales Revenue by Converting Service Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of a dealership, both on the lot and in the service lane. But the nature of the purchase-to-service-to-repurchase relationship is more cyclical than we give it credit for. Recent DMEautomotive research shows customers with
Jul 15, 2015

Try Again

Two of the most important words in our language are “try again”. If you consider every major accomplishment in the world today the individual responsible for it said those words often. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, and when he stated, he
Jul 14, 2015

Celebrate Summer with Vehicle Maintenance

For most parts of the country, summer is heating up! The high temperatures, during this time of year, can be tough on a vehicle, especially if it’s exposed to harsher than usual weather conditions. Many elements on the vehicle should be checked to
Jul 14, 2015

5 Basic Steps that Help Create an Excellent Customer Service Experience

Over the last seven years I have had the opportunity to be exposed to some good and some not so good service managers. From both I have learned a lot and applied many of the skills that have been taught to me. For the most part all the steps to havin
Jul 13, 2015

Implementing Price Increases

Over the years I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of shop owners do irreparable damage to their businesses. This damage occurs when they are mesmerized by the management trainers or consultants who tell them that they can solve all of their probl
Jul 9, 2015

Confirming Appointments Reduces No-Show Rates

Friendly reminders are not just cordial contacts, they’re also good for business. That’s why it’s important to contact dealership service customers to confirm appointments. Doing so enhances the chance of them showing up, according to a study b
Jul 7, 2015