The Quality of the Response Determines the Quality of the Lead

By Christine Plunkett, National Sales Director, Frikin Tech The automotive industry has plummeted to an all-time low closing rate on internet leads, an abysmal five percent average across all dealers in the U.S. We are only engaging 20 to 30 percent
Sep 25, 2019

Can Your Dealership Withstand a Cyberattack?

By Steve Akridge, CEO, BorderHawk LLC I grew up around the car business as nearly all of my family worked with car dealerships, and many continue to do so today. Until the economic downturn of the 1970s created a catalyst for me to take a different p
Sep 11, 2019

How Automotive Marketers Can Drive More Sales From Their Slowing Digital Ad Spend

By Kayla Hammersmith, Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech According to a recent eMarketer study, the auto sector is experiencing slowing growth in vehicle sales, parts sales, and digital advertising spend. It’s more important than ever to
Aug 14, 2019

How AI is Improving Retail Customer Experience

By Jane Kuhuk, PR Manager, Competera Customers are more informed than ever and now expect more from the retailers they purchase from. To help meet their needs, many retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the text to follow, we’ll
Aug 14, 2019

What Does Digital Visibility Look Like in Today’s Crowded Advertising Landscape?

As automotive disruptors such as Tesla and Uber roll out nontraditional offerings, competing manufacturers have decided to be better together.
Aug 8, 2019

Digital Retailing: A Practical Transition for Car Dealerships Today

By Ted Rubin, Founder and President, ActivEngage, Inc. In August of 1994, Phil Brandenberger went shopping for a compact audio disk, paid for it with his credit card, and made history. This was, by all accounts, the first online transaction. That CD
Aug 1, 2019

Are Your Phone Lines Hacker-Proof?

By Tom Harsha, Chief Product Officer, CallRevu You know to protect your dealership computer system from hackers, but what about your phone system? Phone hacking is common and often overlooked until you get hit with fraudulent charges. According to th
Jul 31, 2019

How to Use Google’s New Features to Attract Users to Your Showroom

By Christine Smith, Director Digital Strategy & Sales, Digital to Dealer Direct If you own a dealership or are a BDC/internet manager, you likely use Google to deliver pay per click (PPC) ads or display ads. These are effective ways to advertise
Jul 26, 2019

Connected TV: The Future of Video Advertising

By Raquel Rodriguez, Founder, R2 Media Connected TV (CTV) offers a major advantage in reaching Millennials, better known as the generation of cord-cutters, but many dealerships aren’t clear on what CTV is or how they can incorporate it into their c
Jul 25, 2019