Conference & Expo: October 8-10, 2024


Empowering Dealerships in the Digital Age: Adapting to the New Customer Paradigm

Transparency, responsiveness, informativeness, friendliness, and helpfulness—these are the attributes dealership customers have always wanted. It’s what we all want anytime we go to a store to buy anything. When I started in the business in t
Jul 12, 2024

Strolid Launches its First Product Release for Auto Dealers

Sales services and technology company Strolid released its first product for auto dealers, the Strolid Portal, yesterday. Based on the upcoming IETF Internet Standard for Virtualized Conversations (vCons), company officials stressed the portal respon
Jul 10, 2024

Impel Acquires Outsell in $100M+ Deal

Impel announced today that it has acquired SaaS provider Outsell in a deal valued at more than $100 million in cash consideration plus Impel equity, which officials promoting as establishing the auto industry’s first end-to-end artificial intellige
Jul 9, 2024

The Best Place to Start for Auto Lenders Moving from Paper-based Processes to Digital

The auto lending industry is undergoing a significant digitization evolution, driven by advancements in technology and the increasing demand for efficiency and accuracy. Digitizing back-end document workflows, particularly through the integration of
Jul 8, 2024

After Cyberattacks, What Can Dealers Expect Next?

Did you really think it was over? I think Act Two is about to happen for dealers and CDK Global. From the very beginning when the CDK Global hack was made public, I said there was going to be more to it. That just isn’t the way these hackers opera
Jul 3, 2024

Kerrigan Advisors: Record Breaking Quarter for Dealership Sales

Transaction of auto dealerships continue to break records with 2024 expected to exceed 400 transactions, according to the latest quarterly report from Kerrigan Advisors. In the first quarter of 2024, there were 109 completed dealership transactions c
Jul 1, 2024

Shottenkirk Auto Group, Vaughan Automotive, Findlay Auto Group: Dealership Sales Roundup

Toomey Sells Two Texas Dealerships Kerrigan Advisors represented the Toomey family in the sale of Alamo Toyota in San Antonio to Shottenkirk Auto Group and Tejas Toyota in Houston to Vaughan Automotive. “My family is proud of our legacy of successf
Jun 27, 2024

From Manual to Automatic: 3 Service Processes that AI Automates

One of the most significant benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) promises for dealership employees is the elimination of repetitive tasks. For example, consider all the steps associated with a service lane check-in. If AI eliminates just a few
Jun 26, 2024

Presidio Report Finds Profit Slide Accelerates for Auto Dealers

A recent review of auto dealerships found that while profitability for the average U.S. auto dealership remains well above pre-2020 levels, the profit erosion from pandemic highs accelerated to start the year. The findings are part of Presidio Perspe
Jun 25, 2024