Industry Trends Suggest Big Changes In Dealership Operations

The writing is on the wall. Some manufacturers are deciding to keep more profit while others are cutting warranties — all while new players are entering the automotive service space. Trends are pointing towards the fact that dealership service
Jun 22, 2015

3 Keys to Optimizing Use of Dedicated Resources in Auto Repair

A dedicated bay and/or equipment in an auto repair shop can present significant challenges. The objective is to realize the maximum return on investment but if care is not taken the resource can be overbooked or double booked and conflicts can result
Jun 22, 2015

How Can Service Teams Optimize Their Time?

One of the most important responsibilities of customer service teams is responding to customer inquiries quickly. It’s the first step to making customers happy. If you wait too long before getting back to customers, they’ll become frustrated and
Jun 19, 2015

How To Build An Auto Repair Business That Runs On Autopilot

Most shop owners I talk with want a business that runs on autopilot. What exactly does that mean? Well, let’s start with the true definition. The dictionary defines “autopilot” as a: “device for controlling an aircraft or oth
Jun 19, 2015

Know Your Stuff

I believe without any question the service advisor makes the difference in regards to the service and parts department’s profitability. The day of handing a service advisor a pen and saying “here’s your terminal” should be well behind us. The
Jun 18, 2015

What Your Techs Hate Most about Their Jobs

You rely on your technicians to perform thorough inspections and make reliable repairs. Your fixed operations can’t run without them, so it’s a necessity for you to retain quality employees. However, even your best technicians will leave if they
Jun 17, 2015

Great Time for Car Dealerships to Host Customer Clinics

Spring is a great time for a car dealership to hold a customer service clinic. I’ve always liked these special events that provide helpful maintenance tips to car owners while allowing stores to stay engaged with customers. I’d plan one for the n
Jun 15, 2015

I Need Techs!

The Problem We are getting calls from dealerships all across the country and they are increasing by that day regarding their need for technicians. Unfortunately, the solution to the concern doesn’t have an immediate reward and is generally not
Jun 15, 2015

Car Buying Trends Show Service Is the Future of Dealerships

No one doubts the average age of vehicles on the road has gone up. The current average vehicle is 11 years old and trends in consumer purchases indicate this statistic isn’t going to change any time soon. In fact, indicators suggest average vehicle
Jun 11, 2015