Automotive Marketing’s 10 Commandments: Essential Daily Principles for Teams & Marketers

Insights from James Kurtenbach, Director of Marketing, Schomp Automotive In today’s dynamic automotive landscape, one tool can turbocharge your success: first-party data. Join James Kurtenbach, Director of Marketing at Schomp Automotive, as he
Oct 16, 2023

Implementing a Mobile-Friendly Approach to Online Parts Sales

In an era where smartphones are as much a part of us as our limbs, the way we shop has transformed dramatically. No longer are consumers bound to desktops; they’re now exploring, comparing, and purchasing right from the palms of their hands. Cu
Oct 5, 2023

How End-Of-Year-Sales May Impact Auto Finance Digital Transformation Strategies

Following a challenging sales environment in 2022, a noticeable recovery in the automotive sector has stabilized in 2023. This year, even as supply chain problems subsided, new challenges emerged, such as the persistent risk of a potential recession,
Sep 25, 2023

Boosting Dealership Sales – Talking Trade-In Increases Appointment Success by 72%

Let’s face it: as an industry, we have a glaring weakness when it comes to sales calls. Dealers lose a significant percentage of their traffic at this stage; most of the time, it’s through no fault of the sales reps. It’s the result of years, a
Aug 14, 2023

Why More Dealers Are Enabling Sales Staff to Present F&I Products Earlier in the Shopping Process

It has been well established that the importance of selling F&I products is currently at an all-time high. From helping to further boost profits and offset floor-planning cost erosion, to solidifying higher customer satisfaction through better pr
Jul 7, 2023

How the “72-Hour” Rule Could Increase Video Marketing Buy-In at Your Dealership

It’s a tried-and-true proposition that most dealerships’ salespeople are incentivized to follow up with customers in their CRM through the “72-Hour” rule. The rule means that if a salesperson has followed up with a customer – and it is logg
Jul 6, 2023