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Interview with Toni Anne Fardette of Atlantic Auto Group

Toni Anne Fardette is the Director of Business Development for the Atlantic Auto Group ($1.1 Billion Dealer Group) in Long Island, New York.  Atlantic brands include Lexus, Audi, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Lincoln, Nissan, Volkswagen, Chevrolet,
Feb 12, 2018

Digital Retailing in the Automotive Industry

The evolution of digital retail is making its way through the automotive data sphere just as attribution did in the last few years. Another in a long line of digital buzzwords we cannot help but be swept up by. As we’ve all seen and experienced, th
Feb 10, 2018

Sales Growth With the A.B.C.’s of CRM Metric Coaching

Within your dashboards of all your various software tools, you have spreadsheets, and data comparisons for you as a sales manager, GSM, GM or Dealer Principal to review. As you already know, the data comes from many different sources. The data may co
Feb 9, 2018

2018 TCPA Texting Rules Every Car Dealership Should Know

Today’s reality regarding real time communication is proven in the data. On average, smart phone users in the United States send 764 text messages and place 164 phone calls per month. Without a doubt, younger users skew the data, but even people ag
Feb 8, 2018

Facebook Controls Attention. That’s Why Auto Dealers Need to use Facebook Marketplace. Now, You Can with Marketplace Ads.

The average American is on Facebook and its related apps almost an hour a day. With a hold on our attention, it is the perfect place to help people do what they want to do, whether it’s watching TV (Facebook Watch), chatting with friends (Faceb
Jan 31, 2018

Content Marketing for Dealerships: From Clicks to Sales

Taking good care of your internet sales funnel separates the powerhouse dealerships that are dominating their regions from the stores that are just getting by. Still, plenty of marketing managers are struggling to make their teams see the real-world
Jan 23, 2018

Drawing the Curtain Back

A Glimpse into the Association Behind the World-Famous Chicago Auto Show; and Event Highlights for the 2018 Chicago Auto Show and Digital Dealer Workshops In anticipation of the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, which will be held in conjunction with the Digit
Dec 20, 2017

Dissecting Your Website’s Anatomy

Understanding the anatomy of a well-optimized site isn’t brain surgery, but it’s one of those fundamentals that you just can’t ignore. In order to provide a seamless experience for your site visitors, you should have the basics of site structur
Oct 10, 2017

SmartSites Will Be Teaching Automotive Businesses How To Succeed In Online Marketing At Digital Dealer Workshops

SmartSites’ co-founders, Alex and Michael Melen, will be speaking at Digital Dealer Workshops, one of the largest digital conferences for the automotive industry.PARAMUS, NJ – 09-20-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Co-founders of SmartSites (www.smar
Sep 29, 2017