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What Does Digital Visibility Look Like in Today’s Crowded Advertising Landscape?

As automotive disruptors such as Tesla and Uber roll out nontraditional offerings, competing manufacturers have decided to be better together.
Aug 8, 2019

How to Use Google’s New Features to Attract Users to Your Showroom

By Christine Smith, Director Digital Strategy & Sales, Digital to Dealer Direct If you own a dealership or are a BDC/internet manager, you likely use Google to deliver pay per click (PPC) ads or display ads. These are effective ways to advertise
Jul 26, 2019

2 Strategies to Bump Up Service Business

By Steve Laureys, National Account Director for CallRevu’s CallVision DNI technology platform Rising interest rates and stagnant incentives point to a slowing new vehicle market through the end of the year. NADA predicts new vehicle sales will
Jul 16, 2019

How to Maximize Your Messaging in the Digital Age

By Peter Gary, Founder/CEO, Pinnacle Advertising According to American statesman, Fredrick Wilcox, “Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base while keeping your foot on first.” This adage applies to so many aspects of life, but
Jul 8, 2019

How Google Shook the Auto Industry with its Latest Update: And What Dealers Can Do About It

 On March 12, 2019 Google shook the automotive industry with updates that were drastic in shaping how websites are ranked within its results. Dealership margin pressures combined with 90% of Google clicks within our industry occurring within the o
Apr 3, 2019

Three Keys to Changes in Google’s Algorithm

Local Search Group CEO & Founder Jim Flint share some tips for dealers on how to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes in this video blog.
Mar 29, 2019

Embracing the Essential Digital Media Mix

By Alex Melen, Founder, SmartSites Did you know that almost a third of all digital spend is wasted on ineffective channels and strategies? In an industry fought with cut-throat competition, your digital marketing strategy becomes your strongest tool
Mar 27, 2019

Speed Matters – Consumer Website or Dealer Website Google Ads

Annual announcements are nothing new for Google. If nothing else, Google rolls out new marketing elements, metrics and key performance indicators on a daily basis. If any company knows change, it’s Google. The Google algorithm changes approximately
Mar 22, 2019

Making PPC Clicks Count

As many dealership marketers know, search campaigns are a necessary part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. The danger with search campaigns is the potential for pay-per-clicks to become very expensive, which tends to happen when marketing vendor
Mar 1, 2019