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Mid-Year Review: Enhancing Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy for 2024

As dealership managers and marketers, it is essential to periodically evaluate your progress and strategize for the remaining months of the year. With the mid-year here, now is the perfect time to assess your dealership’s performance and make d
Jul 15, 2024

The Car Market Crash Hype

The automotive news feed is completely saturated with fear mongering about what might happen for the rest of 2024. Negative equity from rapidly rising vehicle prices over the past few years has made upgrading or obtaining new auto loans more difficul
Jul 10, 2024

Survey: Generational Differences in Research, Shopping for Auto F&I Products

A leading provider of finance and insurance (F&I) programs and services has published a new survey to better understand consumer perspectives on automotive products and the factors impacting purchase decisions when shopping for a vehicle at a dea
Jul 8, 2024

How to Use Video to Merchandise CPO Vehicles

The average price for a new vehicle in March 2024 was $47,218 according to Kelley Blue Book. Combined with high interest rates, that price range is out of reach for many car shoppers, who are instead opting to purchase pre-owned and certified pre-own
Jun 13, 2024

Why Car Shoppers Stop Watching Videos

Completion rate is a metric that video marketers keep a close eye on. A high completion rate for videos means that your video content is keeping viewers engaged—which for car dealers, means more leads, conversions, and loyalty. When car shoppers di
May 7, 2024

Optimize Your Car Dealership’s Social Media Posts: Proven Strategies

In today’s digital landscape, consumers demand quick access to information without visiting a dealership. So, to stay competitive, car dealerships must develop unique content strategies tailored to their modern car buyers’ needs. This enables
May 3, 2024

Conversions API, The Dealer’s Goldmine

Every decision made in your dealership revolves around money. Each day, questions like “What is the margin in that deal?”, “How should I allocate my coop funds?” and “What’s the cost of the part the porter just bro
May 1, 2024

NADA Details Where 2023 Advertising Dollars Were Spent

Auto industry advertising dollars continued to rebound from the pandemic in 2023, according to the National Association of Automotive Dealers (NADA). In their 2023 Full Year Report, NADA data found the nation’s 16,835 franchised dealers spent four
Apr 24, 2024

Navigating the Intersection of AI Literacy and Emotional Intelligence: Elevating the Customer Experience in Dealerships

Unless you’ve been under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware of the AI-powered data platforms available today. This kind of data is a critical component for efficient marketing and operational optimization. However, amidst the sea of algo
Apr 22, 2024