About Digital Dealer

Digital Dealer exists to help dealerships sell more vehicles more profitably by creating the best live events and media in the industry.

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo

The Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is where top dealers go to stay ahead of the technology curve, delivering the largest variety of industry speakers, peer-to-peer opportunities, and exhibit hall offerings – all carefully designed to impart groundbreaking business strategies for your dealership. In 2.5 days, you will gain all the knowledge and ideas you need to map out an actionable growth strategy. Learn what the best of the best dealerships are doing now to generate record profits.

Dealer Magazine

Dealer Magazine is the #1 read magazine for franchised automotive dealership owners. Dealer Magazine connects with franchised dealers and managers from small single-point stores to the largest multi-dealership groups and public companies. The content is available via an online digital version and highlighted each month in our e-newsletter.

Digital Dealer e-Newsletter

Our series of online newsletters are targeted at specific departments within franchised dealerships. E-newsletters include Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Fixed Operations.

Digital Dealer Webinars

Digital Dealer Webinars are a great resource for team members in need of a refreshment course to stay current in the auto industry. Each session is offered at no charge to attendees and offer live, in-depth industry analysis & research. With the flexibility offered by online webinars, dealers can expose more team members to valuable content and to subject matter experts in just one hour.

Presenters are assured their training, education and insight is received by the end-users. The webinars will include a 45-50 minute presentation with time for Q & A at the end. Webinars are scheduled at 2:30PM ET on Thursdays.

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