Must-Dos to Score an A+ on Your Dealership’s Month-End Processes

By Susan Moll and Matt Hurst Can you hear the pencils sharpening, expo markers squeaking, and fresh new backpacks zipping? While it’s back-to-school season across the nation, at the dealership, September is also a great time to start anew by giving
Sep 24, 2019

Is Improved Profitability Really a Priority?

In one of my recent articles, I offered up a vision of what an effective spend management function looks like in an organization and the benefits that will result, including new profitability, improved efficiencies, improved controls, and more. Autom
Sep 3, 2019

Going Paperless: A Win for Dealers and Customers

By Emil Banga, Senior Director of Product Management, Dealertrack F&I Solutions Cashflow improvement, efficiency, and regulatory compliance are all good reasons to shift away from paper for dealerships. Automotive dealerships are embracing techno
Jul 23, 2019

Supplier Consolidation= Higher Prices= More Profit Challenges

Profits are being challenged right now. Margin compression is very real for most dealerships. Expenses are growing faster than sales. And with all of this going on dealers have to face another set of challenges. Price creep, arrogance, complacency…
May 29, 2019

Developing a Revenue Center

Is it time to innovate yet? The market is changing. Profitability is being challenged once again. Dealers are quickly exploring all options to shave costs and improve profitability. OEMs are also under pressure to help their dealers improve profitabi
Apr 30, 2019

How to Buy a Phone System

The process of purchasing a phone system is not to be taken lightly. Phone calls into dealerships outnumber Internet leads by four to one, and many studies show that dealers are not able to handle both the volume and routing of incoming calls in a wa
Feb 7, 2019

Profit By Action Quick Tip: Expense Management

Andy Church share a Quick Tip on understanding total Dealership Expense Management.
Feb 1, 2019

Common Currency

The concept of common currency is such a great idea. Except that for the most part, people want their own currencies. Dealership employees want their own pay plans. 180 currencies are used in 195 countries across the world. And even Bitcoin is trying
Jan 22, 2019

How to Add $1.0MM to Your Bottom Line Profits

Whether you are a single-point dealership, small group, mid-sized group or mega group of dealerships, the opportunity to add $1,000,000 to your bottom line is absolutely achievable. For smaller groups, the profit improvement may span a couple of year
Jan 13, 2019