7 Strategies for Car Dealers to Run Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a strategy used by car dealerships to promote their vehicles, services, and overall brand through organized events. These events can range from new car inventory, exclusive test drives, and service workshops to participation in lar
Dec 8, 2023

CarGurus Deal Acquiring CarOffer is Completed; Zach Hallowell Named CEO

CarGurus completed the acquisition of CarOffer, purchasing the remaining minority equity interests for $75 million on Dec. 4. CarGurus acquired a 51% interest in CarOffer in January 2021 and announced plans last month to accelerate the purchase of th
Dec 6, 2023

Haig Report Finds Mixed Results In Dealership Deals–More Deals, Lower Prices

While values declined slightly this year, 2023 is on pace to be the third most active year for the selling of U.S auto dealerships. That is one of the main takeaways of the Haig Report for third quarter 2023 that stated at least 385 rooftops have tra
Dec 5, 2023

New Research Reveals Age and Gender Differences in Vehicle Add-On Purchases

When consumers purchase cars at an auto dealer, they often buy supplemental products and services called voluntary protection products (VPPs). These provide additional coverage and protection for certain vehicle components or services not covered by
Dec 1, 2023

Nearly 4,000 Car Dealers Ask President Biden to Slow Down EV Push

Car dealers are asking President Joe Biden to “tap the brakes” in his administration’s electric vehicle (EV) push. A total of 3,882 franchised car dealers the U.S., calling themselves the EV Voice of the Customer, published the letter on No
Nov 29, 2023

Digital Retailing Continues to Grow at Auto Dealerships

A recent report found car dealers offering consumers the ability to do a deal online has grown to 40% in the last year—but an urgent need to cutdown on repetitive steps happening in the showroom. Nearly all car dealers currently using digital retai
Nov 28, 2023

Ciocca Agrees to Purchase 10 More Pennsylvania Dealerships

The Ciocca Dealership group is growing its holdings in Pennsylvania. The agreement has Ciocca purchasing Apple Automotive, the automotive division of York County, Pa- based Stewart Companies. Terms of the deal was not disclosed, with the final transa
Nov 22, 2023

Mercedes Launches First Charging Hub in U.S.

Mercedes-Benz is offering a change to the way Americans charge their vehicles in the same way Starbucks altered the routine of getting a cup of coffee. Mercedes, in a joint venture with MN8 Energy to launch a network of premium electric vehicle (EV)
Nov 21, 2023

Digital Dealer Unveils New Branding & Announces Launch of DealerPoint, Offering Targeted Networking and Driving Innovation

Digital Dealer has revealed its new branding and announced the launch of DealerPoint, a dynamic addition to its event portfolio.   This unveiling of the refreshed logos marks a symbolic step forward for Digital Dealer, aligning with its commitment
Nov 17, 2023