“You’re Fired”

Over the years I’ve seen many dealerships terminate employees for various reasons. Most states today, state in their labor law claim, they are a right to work state. Interesting part about that is this means you really don’t have to have
Jul 6, 2015

Eight Reasons to Sell Auto Parts Online

Today’s consumers expect the ability to research and buy anything online, at any time, on any device. With the continuous rise of online shopping, it’s no surprise that more and more buyers are purchasing factory auto parts online. The benefits,
Jul 6, 2015

3 Areas to Target For Your First Fixed Ops Digital Marketing Spend

Over seventy percent of our customers perform research online prior to making a purchase decision. Forty percent will perform research online but purchased offline, and thirty percent will research online and then purchase online. Both of those segme
Jul 2, 2015

How to Manage Your Millennials

Impatient, entitled, demanding, lazy. These are some of the media’s favorite words to describe “millennials,” also known as “generation Y.” But if you already have some millennials on your service team, you might question whether these term
Jun 29, 2015

Service Departments Need Tune-Ups Too

The service department tends to be the busiest place in a dealership, and service managers must stay in tune with what’s going on. While meetings and discussions can be useful, at times they only result in vague ideas the service staff never acts u
Jun 26, 2015

Sales vs Service

Today’s car business has many challenges such as customer satisfaction, retention, and overall profitability. One thing I find interesting is, many of the challenges that car dealerships face are self-imposed. Today let’s look at some of the chal
Jun 26, 2015

Getting Something Done Well – Try It Sometime (if you can) – Part 3

This the final slice of my three-part review of “Why Strategy Execution Unravels,” an article printed in the resourceful Harvard Business Review. A comprehensive survey of CEOs and middle management revealed what the authors termed “Myths” re
Jun 24, 2015

There’s A Lot of Meat on the Bone: Automotive Opportunities Abound!

It is the best of times in the automotive service business. There is so much opportunity out there that for your shop to miss out on it would be a real tragedy. From fixed ops directors, to parts and service managers, to advisors, to techs, to lot po
Jun 24, 2015

4 Points on Time Optimization for Auto Repair Support Personnel

Often when considering resource utilization focus is drawn to technician efficiencies. Performing automotive repairs is the primary purpose of any auto repair shop. However, the people that support the repair process and the processes by which their
Jun 23, 2015