Dealers Urged to Review Vendor Data Security Measures

BURLINGAME, CA, September 23, 2019 – Zonic Design, a certified vendor to CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds, is urging auto dealers to begin reviewing their vendors’ privacy and data security measures ahead of the January 1 deadline for complia
Sep 23, 2019

The Case for Two Factor Authentication

Data breaches seem to be all over the news as of late. The big social media and website companies are bursting at the seams with peoples’ data which in their lack of care is being snatched up and extorted by cybercriminals (the bad guys). However,
Apr 29, 2019

Harassment: The Dizzying Costs for Your Dealership

Imagine what your company could do with an extra $100,000. How would you spend it? You could purchase a sophisticated piece of equipment. You could upgrade your showroom, or hire two new full-time employees, or fund an advertising campaign, or buy do
Feb 20, 2018

Just Because You Have New Technology, Doesn’t Make You Compliant

Recently, I was visiting with a dealer and the recent rash of articles concerning compliance came up. As I shared what I knew on the subject and the current climate concerning fines and penalties
Feb 13, 2017

The Compliant Manifesto for Dealers

The dictionary defines manifesto as “a declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group to promote new ideas with prescriptive notions for carrying
Oct 20, 2016

3 Steps to Comprehensive Compliance Training

Auto dealerships that are not compliant feel the impact directly in terms of their loss of profits and reputation. Without a comprehensive compliance training program, car dealers’ bottom lines
Aug 2, 2016

When Sales and Desk Managers Quote Payments

In the not-too-distant past, regulatory oversight of the vehicle-acquisition and -funding processes didn’t start until the customer was turned over to the F&I manager. Not so today. When a prospective
Jul 12, 2016

Compliance in Marketing: What You Need to Know

It wasn’t all that long ago that dealers were limited to just a few forms of advertising: print, radio and television. Then along came the Internet, which provided more opportunities to reach consumers
May 27, 2016

Complexities of Compliance

Even a small investment in compliance training now can save a dealer thousands in legal fees later. It’s no secret compliance is a hot topic in the auto-finance space.
May 27, 2016