A Third of Dealers Still Lost Concerning Key Components of Safeguards Law Compliance

There has been plenty of chatter leading up to the new Safeguards law that went into effect earlier this year. Among many other components to the legislation and new requirements, the law requires auto dealerships to obtain clear and informed consent
Nov 15, 2023

Wantalease.com: Cadillac Escalade Increases in Price by 39.19% in September

Amid Ongoing General Motors Strike, the Cadillac Escalade Payment Increases by Nearly 40% CINCINNATI, OHIO (September 25, 2019) – Wantalease.com, the nation’s first online car lease marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on
Sep 25, 2019

Consumers and Auto Dealers Agree: Personalization Enabled by Automation and Artificial Intelligence Will Greatly Improve Both Car Buying and Ownership

New study from Cox Automotive shows 67% of consumers believe personalization technology will improve the car-buying process. According to 72% of dealers, automation and AI technology will help empower employees and improve consumer satisfact
Sep 25, 2019

7 Tips to Turn Sales Appointments into Closed Deals

By Cory Wright, Director of Training, CallRevu Today’s customers expect and demand a fantastic experience. From initial research to the showroom visit, delivering a great experience at every touchpoint will give you a distinct advantage over yo
Sep 25, 2019

The Quality of the Response Determines the Quality of the Lead

By Christine Plunkett, National Sales Director, Frikin Tech The automotive industry has plummeted to an all-time low closing rate on internet leads, an abysmal five percent average across all dealers in the U.S. We are only engaging 20 to 30 percent
Sep 25, 2019

The Importance of a Centrally Managed Update System

In this video blog, Erik Nachbahr explains how software updates can wreak havoc on a dealership's operation and why having a centrally managed update system is vital to avoid that disruption.
Sep 25, 2019

Why Should OEMs Prioritize In-Vehicle Entertainment?

By Nils Wollny, CEO & Co-Founder, Holoride In-vehicle entertainment is bringing a brand new, lucrative experience to cars and their passengers. For years, they have been sticking to the status quo and prioritizing the driver’s needs, but the dr
Sep 24, 2019

Dealers Urged to Review Vendor Data Security Measures

BURLINGAME, CA, September 23, 2019 – Zonic Design, a certified vendor to CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds, is urging auto dealers to begin reviewing their vendors’ privacy and data security measures ahead of the January 1 deadline for complia
Sep 23, 2019

Social Media vs Broadcast Media

This week's #HardFacts is live from Google HQ in #NYC. Samantha chats with Google team members about what it means to be a #Google Partner. She also gives some strategies
Sep 20, 2019