Reducing Service Lane No-Shows

While it’s nice to have room in your shop’s schedule to handle walk-ins and other unexpected work, a service lane no-show isn’t the ideal way to get that extra time. Rather, no-shows throw everyone off and can take quite a toll on both your sho
Aug 8, 2019

Is Your CRM a System of Engagement?

In the past, a vehicle sale started and ended on the showroom floor. Today, many of the discovery and purchase steps take place online. Online retail giants like Amazon have conditioned customers to expect timely and relevant communications across ch
Aug 7, 2019

In the Modern Marketing Puzzle, Don’t Lose Focus on the Customer Experience

I read an interesting study recently in It found that while marketers believe in the importance of the customer experience, within 2-3 years, that importance will decline due to business growth, transformation, and disruptive techn
Aug 6, 2019

AI: Challenging the Path to Purchase

By Eric Brown, CEO, inSearchX What if you woke up tomorrow and the path to purchase no longer existed? Today, we use our internet-connected devices to visit websites and curate content we find interesting. But this process is getting INVERTED as our
Aug 2, 2019

Video…You Can Do It

By David Hudson, Executive Producer/Director, D Hudson Productions Video is a very important element when marketing your dealership, but not every video needs to be a big-budget production. And by integrating various types of video content to your sa
Aug 1, 2019

Digital Retailing: A Practical Transition for Car Dealerships Today

By Ted Rubin, Founder and President, ActivEngage, Inc. In August of 1994, Phil Brandenberger went shopping for a compact audio disk, paid for it with his credit card, and made history. This was, by all accounts, the first online transaction. That CD
Aug 1, 2019

Take Control of Your Customer Experience by Breaking Down Your Data Silos

One of the biggest hurdles dealerships face when attempting to create a personalized experience for every customer is breaking down their data silos. Data silos are common in virtually every auto dealership today. They occur when information is acces
Aug 1, 2019