The Click Conundrum: Why Clicks Don’t Equal Car Sales

In the competitive world of car marketing, dealerships of all sizes are constantly striving to maximize the effectiveness of their online campaigns. While digital metrics such as clicks, likes, and shares on platforms like Facebook may appear promisi
Jul 24, 2023

Evaluating Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy: Critical Analysis and Check-In

As dealership managers and marketers, it is imperative to regularly assess your progress and devise strategic plans for the future. With year-end fast approaching, now is the opportune moment to evaluate your dealership’s performance and make i
Jul 7, 2023

Turn Your Inventory Videos into YouTube Shorts

When a vehicle’s make and model is entered into YouTube’s search engine, very few dealerships are returned in the search results. Instead, the majority of the top search results are claimed by YouTube creators that offer innovative test drive and
Jun 16, 2023

How Digital Marketing Propels the New Way to Sell Cars

Few industries have had their sales model so changed by the Internet and COVID-19 as the auto industry. Not that long ago, dealerships and auto marketers had a clear first action to turn prospects into car owners: get them into the showroom. The key
May 31, 2023

AI – Are You Playing Offense or Defense?

Recently I was watching the NCAA Tournament selection when the announcers began talking about how different team members helped get their teams to the tournament.
Apr 5, 2023

How to Get More Leads with Video

One of the major reasons to implement a video marketing strategy is to make more sales. But to make more sales, you need more leads, right? Video is one of the most engaging and effective methods for generating more website traffic, leads, appointmen
Mar 27, 2023