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Artificial Intelligence for Image Compliance and Quality Control

Auto dealers have two common strategies for obtaining inventory photos: in-house staff or outsourcing to professional photographers and lot service providers. Regardless of who takes the photos, ensuring consistent, high-quality images can be challen
Jan 12, 2024

7 Strategies for Car Dealers to Run Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a strategy used by car dealerships to promote their vehicles, services, and overall brand through organized events. These events can range from new car inventory, exclusive test drives, and service workshops to participation in lar
Dec 8, 2023

How Does Google Analytics 4 Impact Call Monitoring?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here, and Universal Analytics (UA) is a thing of the past. So, what is the big difference between GA4 and UA, and what does it mean for dealerships and their automotive call monitoring solutions? Universal Analytics (UA) o
Sep 28, 2023

5 Videos Every Auto Salesperson Needs to Make

In today’s digital age, videos have become an indispensable tool for salespeople to connect with prospects and enhance their sales efforts. From personalized introductions to engaging demonstrations, leveraging the right types of videos can sig
Sep 7, 2023

From Bland to Brand: Leveraging Video Content to Catalyze Customer Connections and Drive Profit Center Growth

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are ever-evolving, the power of effective communication cannot be underestimated. As the digital era continues to reshape the way businesses en
Sep 1, 2023

Unlock ASC Events in Google Analytics 4

We hear weekly from new dealers who are struggling to properly configure their Google Analytics 4 (GA4) website properties, and their blind spots are typically the same. They have reviewed the ASC Specification Guide for GA4, but they are not sure ho
Aug 21, 2023

How to Drive Success with Facebook Advertising for Car Dealerships

In the automotive industry, the influence of social media on car buying decisions is substantial. 44% of car buyers visit a dealership’s social media accounts when deciding which automobile to purchase, and 38% of car shoppers rely on social me
Jul 27, 2023

Oil is to an Engine, as AI is to EV

In the world of technical innovations, there’s a duo that echoes the significance of oil to an engine – the union of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Join me as I embark on a fascinating journey exploring the dyna
Jul 27, 2023

The Click Conundrum: Why Clicks Don’t Equal Car Sales

In the competitive world of car marketing, dealerships of all sizes are constantly striving to maximize the effectiveness of their online campaigns. While digital metrics such as clicks, likes, and shares on platforms like Facebook may appear promisi
Jul 24, 2023