Training Dealers & OEM Partners to Leverage AI & Advanced Data to Better Sell Connected Vehicles

New opportunities related to connectivity, advanced electronics, and computer technology are becoming increasingly important as vehicle technology advances. Auto dealers are on the front lines in this new environment where customers need to understan
Jul 6, 2023

Navigating the Road to Profitability: How Auto Dealers Can Thrive in the Era of Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolutionary shift as the world embraces electric vehicles (EVs) for their environmental and economic benefits. As combustion vehicles give way to cleaner and more sustainable alternatives, automobile dealers
Jul 5, 2023

Why “Human-Assisted” Artificial Intelligence is an Imperative in Auto Loan Management

Although AI and automation boost efficiency, providing the “human touch” augmented by these powerful tools can create an exceptional customer engagement process. As the technology behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance, it is li
Jun 26, 2023

Three Key Areas to Focus on for Fixed Ops Success

A well-managed BDC can significantly impact sales, raise service profits, and increase retention, but achieving success in this field requires three key ingredients: Focus, People, and Consistency. Without these elements working in tandem, even the m
Jun 23, 2023

How Auto Dealerships Can Prevent Data Breaches

Auto dealerships handle a myriad of documents that contain customers’ personal data, extensive vehicle records, transaction histories, and much more. Therefore, auto dealerships should have stringent security protocols in place to protect such sens
Jun 2, 2023