The Biggest Thought Shift You Need to Make This Year

It’s time to change how you think about SEO. Google has released several major updates the last few years that have profoundly affected SEO, yet far too many dealers and automotive marketing agencies are still using the same tactics they’ve been
Jan 28, 2019

Impression Share Bidding

Of all the recent changes made by Google, Impression Share bidding is one of my favorites. And its importance can’t be understated. Especially so if you believe in the common currency of CPM’s (cost per thousand impressions). Sure, Google’s hel
Jan 15, 2019

Building the Best Mobile Landing Pages

It’s the 21st century where cars and technology constantly surround us. Consumers are car shopping anywhere, anytime and on any device. Mobile landing pages are the online connection between you and your range of users, don’t make the mistake of
Dec 6, 2018

Why You’re Overspending in Search Campaigns

Paid search is an area where dealerships commonly overspend (in huge amounts), and at the same time, do not inspect their campaigns at a detailed level. There is perhaps no other purchase dealers make where they give an agency a blank check and simpl
Dec 3, 2018

How to Prep for the Holiday Season

You hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting tingling, too. The holiday season is upon us and it’s everybody’s dream to wake up on Christmas Day with a brand-new car on their driveway. Dealers are in fierce competition during the final stretch
Nov 19, 2018

The Weakest Link in Data Attribution Part II: Data Standardization

Today, too many dealerships rely on old attribution models, such as first-click or last-click. While current technological advancements provide a clearer picture of marketing with more up-to-date attribution models, dealers are failing to leverage th
Sep 24, 2018

Are You Lost in an Ever-Changing Digital Landscape?

This year, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 2.53 billion.1 Because of this, your digital marketing must be 100% mobile-friendly in order to stay competitive in today’s market.2 But as the digital landscape changes almos
Jul 25, 2018

Can-I-Afford-It-Moments: The Digital Tools You’ll Need

We’re diving deep into the car-buying journey over the next few weeks and giving you an inside look at the tools and strategies that line up with each micro-moment. You can check out our previous post here, which gives you a brief overview of the m
Jun 27, 2018