Granting 3 Wishes to Take the Wish Out of Marketing

If given three wishes by a genie to help better support our clients’ goals, I’d ask these three questions: What’s your cost per sale? What’s your impression share for your name? How many salespeople do you have? Sure, there are hundreds of qu
Apr 23, 2019

How Google Shook the Auto Industry with its Latest Update: And What Dealers Can Do About It

 On March 12, 2019 Google shook the automotive industry with updates that were drastic in shaping how websites are ranked within its results. Dealership margin pressures combined with 90% of Google clicks within our industry occurring within the o
Apr 3, 2019

A Robust Dealership Video Strategy Requires Specialized Expertise

As a growing number of OEM certified advertising programs offer broader choices for dealers, it is imperative to understand that choosing a video content and campaign solution is not like other forms of advertising. Unlike search marketing, video adv
Mar 28, 2019

Embracing the Essential Digital Media Mix

By Alex Melen, Founder, SmartSites Did you know that almost a third of all digital spend is wasted on ineffective channels and strategies? In an industry fought with cut-throat competition, your digital marketing strategy becomes your strongest tool
Mar 27, 2019

Speed Matters – Consumer Website or Dealer Website Google Ads

Annual announcements are nothing new for Google. If nothing else, Google rolls out new marketing elements, metrics and key performance indicators on a daily basis. If any company knows change, it’s Google. The Google algorithm changes approximately
Mar 22, 2019

Making PPC Clicks Count

As many dealership marketers know, search campaigns are a necessary part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. The danger with search campaigns is the potential for pay-per-clicks to become very expensive, which tends to happen when marketing vendor
Mar 1, 2019

Impression Share Bidding [VIDEO]

CEO & Founder Local Search Group Jim Flint explains Impression Share Bidding in this video.
Mar 1, 2019

Spring Selling Season

The time is now. Spring selling season is upon us. When your inventory, personnel and plans are in the right spot on February 20th, your 2019 is set up to work to your maximum advantage. Five of the best six seasonally-adjusted sales months over the
Feb 21, 2019

Hottest New Models

The hottest new models in the automotive space aren’t relegated to cars anymore. Cars are key, but statistical models are catching favor and acclaim. Rightfully so. The Houston Auto Show recently debuted the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera TAG H
Feb 15, 2019