How Retargeting Fuels Automotive Sales

In a not-too-distant past, dealerships had one showroom. It was their staging area where they strategically placed vehicles to awaken browsers’ senses. Sales professionals hovered, barely breathing, while trying to respect personal boundaries. They
Aug 28, 2019

No BDC, No Problem: How to Manage a Sales Team That Does It All

By Jake McCracken, Consultant, IM@CS Over the last 24 months of traveling the country, working hands-on with many dealers and their digital strategy, it has become very apparent that many dealers still operate without a BDC (Business Development Cent
Aug 28, 2019

The Truth About Reviews

These days, consumers usually look at online reviews when deciding not only WHAT they are going to buy, but also WHO to buy it from. However, there have been plenty of scandals in the retail industry concerning fake or paid reviews. So, it gets a lit
Aug 23, 2019

Rides on Demand: How Vehicle Subscription Services Could Grow Your Profitability

Over the past few years, subscription services of all types have become increasingly popular with today’s consumers. Big names like Netflix and Amazon leverage them to offer optimized, often instantaneous access to their goods. Now, it’s the auto
Aug 22, 2019

3 Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customers and Increase Sales

By Mike Hirschfield, CEO, Assured Influence The number one opportunity in your business right now lies in improving your communication. You don’t need the best price, or even the best product to win more sales, but you do need to create the best ex
Aug 15, 2019

Using the Customer Experience Promise to Increase Sales

By Karl Becker, Executive Coach & Consultant, Improving Sales Performance Are you looking for a simple model to improve your sales team’s performance or ways to better connect with customers? If you’re looking to create real value and positio
Aug 14, 2019

Why Click-to-Call is a Flawed Metric

By Steve Laureys, National Account Director, CallRevu Click-to-call campaigns are everywhere. Your dealership is likely running several now. As such, you’re familiar with Google reports that show your click-to-call rate and cost-per-click. You like
Aug 14, 2019

How Automotive Marketers Can Drive More Sales From Their Slowing Digital Ad Spend

By Kayla Hammersmith, Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech According to a recent eMarketer study, the auto sector is experiencing slowing growth in vehicle sales, parts sales, and digital advertising spend. It’s more important than ever to
Aug 14, 2019

How AI is Improving Retail Customer Experience

By Jane Kuhuk, PR Manager, Competera Customers are more informed than ever and now expect more from the retailers they purchase from. To help meet their needs, many retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the text to follow, we’ll
Aug 14, 2019