Manage Employee Retention and Drive Gross Profit

By Fleming Ford, VP of People & Performance, ESI Trends With today’s tight labor market, there is an urgent need in automotive retail to attract and retain better talent. Dealerships can’t hit performance goals or provide exceptional customer
Jul 22, 2019

Maximize Your Profit With Omni-Channel Retailing

Gone are the days when dealerships were at the center of the transaction. Today, the process begins online and customers don’t even have to set foot into a dealership to buy a car. The new “front line” is online. Omni-channel retailing in autom
May 29, 2019

10 Core Beliefs of Highly Influential Sales Leaders

Influential sales leaders are unmistakable. They are people of interest, people of insight, people of purpose, people of direction, people of value, and people of now! They seamlessly garner the support of those inside and outside the dealership, the
May 29, 2019

Interview with Melanie Borden of Celebrity Motor Cars

A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Melanie Borden has spent the majority of her 14+ year marketing career in the automotive tech industry. Melanie has worked in various atmospheres from social media startups to a public tech company in consu
May 29, 2019

Tracking Data to Outpace the Competition

Keeping track of data provides insight on how your dealership is performing, lets you know what you should currently be working on, and helps you prepare for the future. For those reasons and more, staying on top of data management is a crucial compo
May 29, 2019

Social Selling 10 Actions to Get Traction

Every salesperson wants to be the one who customers choose. The advancements in social media have made it easier than ever to engage and stay connected with customers. But many salespeople are lost with today’s technology. There’s never b
May 29, 2019

Bring Them to Your Website!

Two of the most important elements of every single advertisement you run in any medium are 1) an easy to remember phone number, and 2) an easy to remember URL that leads to your website. Thirty-five years ago our agency was one of the pioneers in dev
May 29, 2019

What Artificial Intelligence Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Dealership

If you’ve ever watched a movie on artificial intelligence, you’re left with the impression that robots will soon be taking over our world and running our lives (see “iRobot” [2004] and “Ex Machina” [2014]). While entertaining to watch, th
May 29, 2019

Interview with Kelly Levesque of Capitol City Honda

Capitol City Honda is a locally-owned family business in Olympia, Washington, the state capital of Washington and sixty miles south of Seattle. Ed McCarroll, a native of Canada, proudly became a U.S. citizen in 1953 and was a partner in several car d
May 29, 2019