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Quick Tips to Improve Online Pre-Owned Sales

Creative merchandising of inventory improves sale chances We’re well into the first quarter, but it’s never too late to tweak our annual goals. At the very least we all can use a reminder of the basics that got us to where we are today. Think bac
Mar 1, 2010

Making Profit with your IT Department

For many years, a major DMS provider would sell their system on the claim that if they switched to their system, a dealership could reduce office staff by 50%.  The latest claim that’s been going around has been if you get an ASP solution, you can
Mar 1, 2010

The Cruel Mistress of Social Media

It wasn’t very long ago that the social networking sites of today were being hailed as a virtually cost-free medium to reach your clients with your advertising efforts.  “Hey!  You get to put your very same ads and commercials someplace else, b
Mar 1, 2010

NADA and Dealers: Why Associations Matter

NADA stands for the National Automobile Dealers Association, and the key word here is ???association.??? It means ???together.??? It means we all come together in a united front to face the challenges of our industry???and they continue to be many. L
Mar 1, 2010

News Electric Car Dealerships Struggle But Why Such Surprise – TheCarConnection.com (blog)

News Electric Car Dealerships Struggle But Why Such SurpriseTheCarConnection.com (blog)March 1st, 2010 A recent artic...
Mar 1, 2010

Rob Fowler, Modern Automotive

Modern Automotive Group’s story, to be frank, isn’t really all that modern. That’s because the group’s original store dates back before the days of the Great Depression. The Chevrolet store – one of two in Winston-Salem, NC, was going out o
Feb 10, 2010

Documentation is the New Negotiation

By now, almost everyone recognizes the importance of pricing vehicles competitively. Almost every shopper has checked the Internet before they burn their $3 per gallon gasoline and valuable time and venture out into the marketplace. Unless your deale
Feb 9, 2010

So, You Think you Have Problems?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own world we lose sight of what others in similar, but still different industries have to cope with. Choices, choices, choices?? I can’t recall how many times I’ve visited with a parts manager and hear
Feb 2, 2010

Doing Business on the Dark Side

It’s no secret that automotive dealerships universally are dealing with shrinking customer counts in service and parts. Not only has the sudden and significant downturn in new unit sales impacted this figure, but the fact that vehicles only nee
Feb 2, 2010