OEMs Continue to Play Hard Ball with Dealers

A number of going-forward GM dealers recently received an unexpected “welcome letter” from New GM.  The welcome letter did not include words of encouragement or a thank you for hanging in there through GM’s bankruptcy mess.  Instead, New GM
Jun 10, 2010

Bruce Qvale, Qvale Auto Group

You hear the name Bruce Qvale (pronounced kevallee) and probably think it sounds familiar. That’s because it is, especially if you have a fondness for exotic sports cars. The Qvale family maintains a long-respected and eclectic history within the U
Jun 1, 2010

Audit Your Suppliers to Reduce Costs and Improve Compliance

Businesses couldn’t survive without a vibrant network of suppliers providing a wide range of equipment, services and supplies to sustain and support the enterprise. High performing suppliers bring consistent value by providing quality goods and ser
Jun 1, 2010

The Pain Will Soon Begin

One of the graphic pictures in one of the presentations I recently gave is a picture of a bullfighter. The bullfighter’s shin has been punctured by the bull’s horn and the picture captures that moment when the horn punctured the skin, but still r
Jun 1, 2010

Fixing Fixed Absorption Finally — Say this 10 times real fast

Calculating fixed absorption is one of the most important business-strength measurements a serious dealership investor can make. In case you aren’t savvy on this, fixed absorption is a calculation of the gross profit generated in the “fix
May 24, 2010

Stop Using a Butter Knife in a Gun Fight

I have been thrashing The Garage drum (check out www.NetProfitTraining.com) for a number of columns now. We and a hundred of our closest dealer friends have learned quite a bit this past year, both from victories and gaffes while implementing this un
Apr 16, 2010

Corina Diehl, Diehl Auto Group

Corina Diehl has been a dealer for three years, owner of the Diehl Auto Group in Butler, PA, a small town a few miles north of Pittsburgh. A devastating personal tragedy brought her into the business a year before the collapse of 2008 and 2009. Yet,
Apr 10, 2010

Selling Cars in the Post-Control World

The battle is over. The customer now controls the car-buying process, and it is up to the dealer to support, advise and encourage the customer along the way to the sale. Dealer actions that seek to control the process — such as hiding informati
Apr 10, 2010

Convert Used Car Buyers into Lifetime Service Customers

Less than 10% of used car buyers return to the dealership for customer-pay service work. But don’t take my word for it. Run the numbers and see for yourself. Run the VIN numbers for all the used vehicles you sold in 2009 and compare it to the VIN n
Apr 10, 2010