Dave Parrott, Internet Sales Manager, Global Imports BMW

Dave Parrott, 52, Internet sales manager for Global Imports BMW-Mini in Atlanta, the top-selling BMW store in Georgia and No. 1 in the Sonic Automotive Group, says an eye toward continuous improvement, adoption of the best available technology, and a
Feb 1, 2010

Juan Teran, Sales Director, Dewey Automotive Group

Juan Teran, the 42-year-old sales director for Dewey Ford and Dewey Dodge Jeep, both located in rural Ankeny, Iowa, takes his inspiration where he can find it. He freely admits to converting from a typical “bricks and mortar” car guy to an Intern
Jan 10, 2010

Ed Tonkin, NADA Chairman, Ron Tonkin Dealerships

Incoming National Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Ed Tonkin is a second-generation dealer from Portland, Oregon, who says he wants to help reshape NADA into a more efficient organization and involve more of the 62-plus directors around the co
Jan 10, 2010

Hired any Lazy Idiots Lately?

I find simply observing processes to be quite constructive. Sometimes just stepping back and carefully viewing how methodology is being carried out, yields the discovery needed to solve agonizing evils — and can be more effective than all the p
Jan 8, 2010

Recommit to Personal Growth in 2010!

I highly recommend that you make this the year you work harder on yourself than ever before. This is because last year left little time for many leaders to upgrade and expand their personal capacity because they were so busy with the emergency of the
Jan 1, 2010

Putting ‘Spiral Integration’ Into Play

About 10 years ago I wrote my first article in Dealer magazine on the concept of “spiral integration.” The objective is to utilize each advertising medium’s greatest strengths to complement and enhance the effectiveness of other mediums and pro
Jan 1, 2010

Seeing is Believing

At the recent 7th Digital Dealer Conference in Nashville, I got to spend quite a bit of time visiting the booths in the Expo Hall. Compared to NADA, where it is hard to spend time with the exhibitors, the Digital Dealer conference has booths and refr
Jan 1, 2010

Managing the Phone Conversation

Recently, I wrote an article, “Back to Basics,” about the need for salespeople to refocus attention on their phone interactions with customers. After listening to actual calls, mostly inbound, it was apparent that this important part of the sales
Jan 1, 2010

Is your Web Site Giving Car Shoppers What They are Looking For?

When shoppers visit your web site, are they greeted with an experience that is tailor-made to them? You already know that in order to be successful, you need to arm yourself with dynamic web site design, strong search engine optimization campaigns an
Jan 1, 2010