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One-on-One Google Review Success

What is the most popular search term for a car dealership? Their name of course! And what happens 100% of the time a person performs a Google Search for a dealership name? The dealership’s Google My Business (GMB) listing displays front and center,
Sep 4, 2019

12 Content Tactics to Strengthen Your Digital Reputation

Do you have a plan to increase business? Not something that’s been floating around in your head but a tangible, written strategy to engage more customers? Remarkably, most dealers don’t have a written marketing plan. Many don’t bother r
Sep 3, 2019

Why Public Relations is Essential for Your Dealership

By Melanie Borden, VP of Marketing, Celebrity Motor Cars Tom Maoli’s Celebrity Motor Cars is where I reside as the in-house VP of marketing and built and run our internal agency. Celebrity Motor Cars is a luxury auto group in NJ/NY that consists of
Aug 15, 2019

3 Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

By Steve Laureys, National Account Director for CallRevu’s CallVision DNI Every dealership wants to increase website traffic, that’s why they spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising agencies to run email marketing, pay-per-click a
Aug 7, 2019

Advertising in Today’s Market: What to Do When You Can’t Do Everything

By Mark Sokal, President, Sokal Advertising in today’s market is challenging. Buyers consume more media than ever before – changing the way they make purchases, especially when it comes to cars.  Understandably, this meant that the way deale
Jul 26, 2019

How to Use Google’s New Features to Attract Users to Your Showroom

By Christine Smith, Director Digital Strategy & Sales, Digital to Dealer Direct If you own a dealership or are a BDC/internet manager, you likely use Google to deliver pay per click (PPC) ads or display ads. These are effective ways to advertise
Jul 26, 2019

Stuck for Website Content Ideas? Try This!

One critical best practice that helps drive more traffic to your website is to continuously create new content. Google crawls websites to find relevant content to provide more accurate results to searchers. However, it is sometimes hard to come up wi
Jul 25, 2019

Hard Facts: View Your Website History – Wayback Machine

This week's #HardFacts is live from Google HQ in #NYC. Samantha chats with Google team members about what it means to be a #Google Partner. She also gives some strategies
Jul 15, 2019

Optimize Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

By Erica Danford, AVP of Managed Services, Dealer.com Great marketing is never accidental. Think back to what campaigns have stuck with you over the years. What do you remember about them? In all likelihood, it was the content, presented in a compell
Jul 12, 2019