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Reynolds Looks at What Dealers, Customer Want in Service Check-In

You never get a second chance to make a first impression—and a recent survey shows what dealers and customer are looking for from each other when it comes to this all-important initial interaction when it comes to the drop off for vehicle service.
May 17, 2024

Winning Local Auto Market Innovative Strategies for Dealerships

Intense competition among dealerships in the same neighborhood markets is inevitable. In such an environment, potential buyers are constantly bombarded with advertisements from competitors and faced with a wide range of choices. This pressure drives
May 9, 2024

The Jury Is Out: How Many Dealers Are Utilizing AI?

Based on a recent industry survey of auto dealership executives located throughout the U.S., approximately 31% of respondents said they still rely only on gut instinct to manage their dealership’s vehicle inventory. This represents almost one third
May 6, 2024

How To Avoid a $15k Loss On An EV Trade-in

One of the most pressing challenges dealerships face is properly evaluating the influx of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrids taken in on trade or purchased from auctions. Unlike an internal combustion engine-equipped vehicle, battery-powere
May 2, 2024

How AI Transforms Car Dealerships

In a landscape where technology constantly evolves to meet changing consumer demands, Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives significant changes in dealership operations. From marketing to sales, AI is becoming an inseparable asset. This shift is highli
Apr 29, 2024

Service Management Performance Technology—A Must in Today’s World….

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the intricacies of managing your dealership’s operational efficiency? In the fiercely competitive landscape of automotive dealerships, fixed operations stand as a battleground where success hinges on heightened visib
Apr 26, 2024

The Strategic Imperative for Auto Dealers to Prioritize F&I Product Sales & Wealth Building in Challenging Times

In today’s constantly evolving automotive industry, dealerships face the challenge of maximizing revenue amidst fluctuating market conditions and consumer preferences. Particularly in today’s times of economic uncertainty, it becomes paramount fo
Apr 23, 2024

Safeguarding Auto Dealers and Lenders: A Comprehensive Layered Approach to Combat Synthetic Identity Fraud

Fraud in the automotive industry is increasing at an alarming rate, making it one of the hot topics of discussion at the recent annual auto shows. While many fraud attempts are foiled before they happen, fraudsters continue to get more and more sop
Apr 19, 2024

Enhancing Customer Experience: Innovative Strategies for Auto Dealerships

Customer experience (CX) generally refers to the range of emotions and reactions a potential customer experiences throughout their interactions with a business. In a car dealership, it includes the ease and effectiveness of digital communications and
Apr 19, 2024