How Automotive Marketers Can Drive More Sales From Their Slowing Digital Ad Spend

By Kayla Hammersmith, Senior Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech According to a recent eMarketer study, the auto sector is experiencing slowing growth in vehicle sales, parts sales, and digital advertising spend. It’s more important than ever to
Aug 14, 2019

How AI is Improving Retail Customer Experience

By Jane Kuhuk, PR Manager, Competera Customers are more informed than ever and now expect more from the retailers they purchase from. To help meet their needs, many retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the text to follow, we’ll
Aug 14, 2019

Level Up: Drive a Better Clicks-to-Bricks Connection

By Cavan Robinson, Director of Product Marketing, DealerSocket’s DealerFire The groundwork is underway for the industry’s digital future, and progressive dealers are prioritizing in-dealership experiences based on their customers’ online be
Aug 14, 2019

Using the Customer Experience Promise to Increase Sales

By Karl Becker, Executive Coach & Consultant, Improving Sales Performance Are you looking for a simple model to improve your sales team’s performance or ways to better connect with customers? If you’re looking to create real value and positio
Aug 14, 2019

Why Click-to-Call is a Flawed Metric

By Steve Laureys, National Account Director, CallRevu Click-to-call campaigns are everywhere. Your dealership is likely running several now. As such, you’re familiar with Google reports that show your click-to-call rate and cost-per-click. You like
Aug 14, 2019

The Customer Buy Center: A Better Way to Build Inventory

By Tim Scoutelas, Director of Strategic Accounts, MAX Digital The used car market is ripe for dealers: Vehicle prices are rising, demand is growing, and days on the lot is dropping. According to Edmunds Q1 2019 Used Vehicle Report, pre-owned vehicle
Aug 14, 2019

Alternative Revenue Streams – Car Washes as Profit Centers

By Trevor Gile, Managing Partner, Motorcars Honda; and Partner, RFCarwash Consulting & National Carwash Solutions Traditionally, car washes have always been viewed as an expense by dealerships. Taking into account the poor cleaning performance, c
Aug 7, 2019