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Mercedes-Benz Financial expands mobile platform to include smartphones

Farmington Hills, Mich. ??? Mercedes-Benz Financial is now the first automotive financial services company to expand personalized and convenient account management features to all of its customers using smartphones like BlackBerry??, Droid ??, and ot
Mar 5, 2010

NABD Announces Agenda For National BHPH Conference May 11-13, 2010

Houston, Texas ??? The National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers (NABD) today announced the agenda for its 12th Annual National Conference at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. ???We are excited about the fabulous new Venetian venue a
Mar 2, 2010

Start Asking the Right Questions: Too often, leaders ask the wrong questions

If you’re getting mediocre results or answers in any area of your business or your life, it may be because you’re asking mediocre questions. If you want the right answers to improve your organization, you must ask the right questions. A recent em
Mar 1, 2010

The Cruel Mistress of Social Media

It wasn’t very long ago that the social networking sites of today were being hailed as a virtually cost-free medium to reach your clients with your advertising efforts.  “Hey!  You get to put your very same ads and commercials someplace else, b
Mar 1, 2010

NADA and Dealers: Why Associations Matter

NADA stands for the National Automobile Dealers Association, and the key word here is ???association.??? It means ???together.??? It means we all come together in a united front to face the challenges of our industry???and they continue to be many. L
Mar 1, 2010

How to Break Free from Mediocrity!

Mediocrity is a common business topic. We speak of having mediocre departments, leaders, employees and standards. But where does mediocrity come from? How can you identify it in yourself and others? And very importantly, how to you break free from me
Feb 1, 2010

Recommit to Personal Growth in 2010!

I highly recommend that you make this the year you work harder on yourself than ever before. This is because last year left little time for many leaders to upgrade and expand their personal capacity because they were so busy with the emergency of the
Jan 1, 2010