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Prove It: A Show & Tell Guide to Full-Funnel Attribution

In this webinar with Adtaxi, you'll gain the tools necessary to optimize your marketing spend and justify your budget for the coming year. Understand how to spot issues and correct them before they become problems.
May 7, 2020

Time to Ramp Up Your Digital Showroom – A Checklist for Digital Merchandising Success

In this webinar with Spincar, you will learn how to quickly ramp up your digital showroom by taking advantage of available digital merchandising tools and best practices.
Apr 5, 2020

Building Your Budget for the COVID-19 Environment and Beyond

In this webinar with Reunion Marketing, you'll gain additional perspective on allocating your investment in digital marketing, while understanding the strategies and expectations that follow.
Apr 4, 2020

“Billy should have stayed in the middle. Don’t be like Billy.”

In this webinar with C-4 Analytics, you'll discover talk tracks for dealer principal / GM conversations and learn how staying in the digital advertising game can lead to intercepting the mid-funnel shopper, leap-frogging your competitors!
Apr 3, 2020

Coronavirus Causes Disruption and Accelerates Need for Automotive Digital Retailing Proficiency

Join MarketScan in this webinar to learn how you can embrace existing technology to improve and individualize the online and in-store car buying experience.
Apr 3, 2020

Search to Sold – 100% Digitally

During this webinar, Steven Pelham, Product Marketing Manager of Podium, will help you to learn how you can manage your customer’s journey — from initial search to final sale — digitally.
Mar 26, 2020

Use Video With Customers During COVID-19 (For Free)

Explore Video Best Practices and the No-Cost Techniques to Communicate with Customers and Prospects During COVID-19. In this webinar, Steve Pearson, CEO of Friendemic, will share best practices on sending prospects a video walk-around, rather than ha
Mar 19, 2020

“Stop Everything!” My Dealer Said “Cut It All – Now!”

The auto market used to suffer three-year cycles, and so far we’ve had 11 years of growth; therefore, now is the time to revisit down-market strategies. It's the perfect time to reassess your digital marketing strategy and adjust quickly.
Mar 12, 2020

Customer Experience 101: How to Humanize Your Digital Dealership in 2020

The human condition is unchanging: We want to be seen, heard, and understood. That’s why the right approach to customer experience in 2020 isn’t digitization; it’s humanization.
Feb 12, 2020