By Cory Wright, Director of Training, CallRevu

Today’s customers expect and demand a fantastic experience. From initial research to the showroom visit, delivering a great experience at every touchpoint will give you a distinct advantage over your competition and help you win deals.

My last blog, 7 Tips to Turn Sales Calls into Customer Appointments, covered seven strategies sales associates can use to drive exceptional calling experiences that earn more appointments.

This blog picks up where the last left off with 7 tips sales associates should use after scheduling the appointment and during the appointment to create showroom experiences that lead to closed deals. After all, the experience customers have when they show up for their appointment can be the difference between signing on the dotted line or leaving the vehicle on your lot.

  1. Log Every Detail in the CRM

Your dealership CRM is there to help you sell more vehicles. Use it! Immediately after scheduling the appointment, enter all of the customer’s information. Include the preferred communication channel, current vehicle, vehicle of interest, must-have features and options, and any personal details, such as the number of family members. Don’t wait until the end of the day to create customer records. Time is the enemy of details.

  1. Prepare Alternative Vehicles

General showroom statistics from NADA studies reveal that 85% of customers make up their minds to purchase a vehicle before leaving the house. The majority of your customers want to buy when they come in. But what if the initial vehicle of interest doesn’t live up to expectations? Always have alternative vehicles in your back pocket. Pull similar vehicles with more and fewer features and a pre-owned option.

  1. Schedule Appointment Reminders and Make a Confirmation Call

Sometimes customers simply forget. That’s why scheduling an automatic appointment reminder in your CRM and giving the customer a reminder call the day before the appointment increases the likelihood of customers keeping appointments. Some customers may reply by saying they need to change the time. That’s fine. It’s better than not showing at all.

  1. Create a Special Moment

After buying a home, a vehicle is often the most expensive purchase customers will make. It’s a big deal. Make it special for them. Display their name and VIP status on a prominently placed appointment board. Provide a few toys or art materials if kids are coming along. Prepare a bow if the vehicle is for a special occasion. Take a video or photo of customers with their new vehicles. All these little touches go a long way towards creating relationships and experiences customers will remember.

  1. Listen to Your Sales Call

Listen to the recording of your sales call right before the customer walks in the door. It will remind you of the details, the tone of the customer’s voice, and the rapport you built. When the sales call is fresh in your mind, you can pick up with the customer where you left off and continue to build a relationship.

  1. Get Your Team On-Board

Sales is a team sport; lean on your team when you need to. For example, you have a customer coming who is concerned about financing. Loop in your F&I manager before the appointment so he or she can go out and speak with the customer on the floor. Always introduce customers to your service advisor. This shows your dealership is prepared to offer a full suite of services and can help increase customer retention and loyalty.

  1. Improve Your Game

Not every sales call will result in an appointment. Continually improve your game by listening to two to three sales calls each day to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t. If you miss an opportunity, talk to your management. It may be worthwhile for your sales manager to re-engage if you missed something on the initial call.

The experience customers have during their appointment can be the difference between leaving your lot in a new vehicle, or just leaving your lot. Master these seven tips to create great showroom experiences that lead to more closed deals and loyal customers.

About the Author

Cory Wright, Director of Training for CallRevu, started as a lot attendant at the age of 16 and moved on to sell cars, manage the desk, and run a BDC. Cory has worked for over 7 years at CallRevu, helping dealers improve their customer experience and increase revenue as a result of his webinar, video, and in-person training sessions.

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