While summer comes to a close and fall rolls in now is the PERFECT time to do a review of your social media, and in particular— your Facebook engagement!

You’ve been busy at work all summer, and a few things have inevitably either fallen by the wayside, or gotten disorganized when it comes to both paid and organic content.

But guess what? IT HAPPENS! And there’s a pretty simple fix to get things back on track and those likes & comments flowing. ✌️

There are 3 SIMPLE TIPS TO MORE FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT that take less than 5 minutes to accomplish. Want to know what they are?

Watch Hard Facts now and I’ll show you!

Author: Paul Potratz

Paul Potratz is the COO at Potratz Advertising and is also the producer of Think Tank Tuesday, a weekly video podcast which reaches 165,000 automotive professionals every week. Paul speaks on marketing, sales, social media and lead handling process across the world and works with clients in the United States, Canada and Denmark.

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