The TV world has changed drastically over the last few years. That is, instead of reserving prime time for just a few hours every day, prime time is now anytime. As traditional cable subscriptions continue to decline, Connected TV (CTV) offers a new method of media consumption, and in turn a new opportunity for dealers to reach consumers through advertising.

Connected TV, also called Over-the-Top (OTT), refers to Internet-connected TV streaming content on the biggest screens in the household. In Connected TV advertising, video ads are delivered alongside premium, professionally produced content on an Internet-connected TV, providing viewers with an experience similar to watching a traditional TV commercial.

Here’s why it matters: Connected TV allows dealers to target, measure, and retarget households based on automotive intent data, thereby giving TV commercials even greater impact. Consumers move faster than marketers and are ahead of media spend, making it imperative for dealers to begin delivering advertisements where audience eyeballs are – along with the audience intent. With multiple targeting options and unparalleled precision, Connected TV is a surefire way to reach only the desired households.

Connected TV adoption has been booming recently and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Since 2010, 5 million people have dropped their cable subscriptions and 10.8 million more customers will cut the cord over the next five years[1] By 2020, the Connected TV-household universe will grow to 98 million, or 78% of US households, while over 6 million linear TV households will cut their paid subscriptions. [2] The adoption of cheaper alternatives—like the “skinny bundle” option—is accelerating this trend.

The main reason? Audiences prefer it: Viewing original digital video over linear primetime allows consumers the convenience of watching on their own schedules and not “by appointment.” In three years, people will spend about 25 minutes (-15%) less time watching linear TV and spend 13 minutes (+68%) more time watching content through a Connected TV.

Welcome to the future: There will be an entire generation that has never known a world with cable TV—and most likely never will. Dealerships who aren’t ahead of this trend will be missing out on a huge group of customers if they are only focusing advertising efforts on broadcast TV and neglecting the bigger picture.

To learn more about Connected TV marketing for dealerships, join Brian Kroll of Adtaxi at Digital Dealer 24 for his session titled “Prime Time” Is Now “Anytime.” The session will take place on Thursday, April 12 from 10:05-10:55AM.

[1]  SNL Kagan research group, July 2017

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Author: Brian Kroll

Brian Kroll is Regional VP of Sales for AdTaxi and also runs the Strategic Accounts team. A member of the IAB’s Performance Marketing Committee, Brian developed AdTaxi’s Magellan “Performance Based RTB” campaign optimization algorithm and is passionate about digital marketing. Brian graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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