Making way for a more technology-dependent future, AI is one of the latest tech spheres that has taken the entire world by the storm. It has always been a much-studied issue right from its inception. Moreover, it has evolved in multiple ways since. One of the primary areas where AI has recently made its impact felt is the work domain of human resources or HR.

Studies and sessions conducted by leading HR firms of the modern day all point to the fact that AI is here to stay. Just like its specific counterparts in all other domains of work, AI has made its multi-faceted utilities beneficial for those involved in HR too. If you are an HR professional of the current times, brace yourself, for AI announces one of the biggest revolutions the industry has faced in ages.

It feels like something right out movies. Yes, AI is after all, what the core of what we see in more than half of science fiction and comic universe movies that we watch nowadays. Except that, in this age of digitisation, such tools and tech are finally within our grasp, at least a considerable portion of it is.

Increased efficiency and a smooth workflow that ensures happier employees is the need of the day according to the latest HR policies all around the globe. AI-aided implementations of concepts, training and evaluation models, as well as recruitment processes, can help in bringing fruition to the recent global HR policies as well. Happy employees make way for better productivity, which in turn, is the key to a booming business. It is a win-win situation, after all.

AI and its impacts on top HR trends of 2018

From recruitment to evaluation, AI can come in handy in many HR intricacies of the recent times. It can be used on a variety of platforms all across the HR framework of an organisation, no matter how big or small. Here are some of the top HR trends of 2018 and how AI is influencing in shaping each.

  • Increased focus on employees

Employee engagement is said to be at the centre of focus this year in HR assignment help. AI plays a significant role in featuring as the vital tool to build more employee-friendly policies. Bringing in a host of activities in the workplaces – such as interactive portals for inter-department communications – AI helps HR to design the work calendar with activities that could drive more people ‘work-ward’ with a positive spirit.

It can also take care of the various manual sorting and organisation tasks that HR professionals have to tackle on a daily basis. AI-aided bots can prepare reports for the daily tasks and summarise them to the professionals on-the-go at a scheduled time when in office.

  • Revamped recruitment roles

This will perhaps be the most explored area in HR by AI this year. Recruitment remains as one of the cornerstones of HR functions. When brought in tune with the current AI tech, the scope of this factor increases manifold. AI is thus a blessing to the HR professionals who are into hardcore recruitment as their chosen job domain.

Analysing each candidate’s profile and specific set of skills, AI bots can prepare an in-depth set of challenges and rewards for the employees who walk in to become a part of the organisation. Prospective employees can thus be selected in a much better process when using AI-aided tools in the hiring process. It is basically how the future of recruitment looks. Some studies even suggest a time when AI almost entirely takes over the recruitment process but that is talking about way much into the future.

  • A new take on evaluation

Creating production reports and keeping a tab on employee progress has always been one of the crucial responsibilities of HR professionals. They are the ones who take care of tabulating and keeping a record of the performance analysis factors of the employees. Dealing with that much of data can thus be troublesome for them at times. Since digitisation has made it a smoother task for them, we can safely bet that our fellow HRs would love to have a helping hand here.

AI can tackle such issues with ease. It is, in fact, one of the factors that AI is pretty much superbly efficient at, for performance analysis depends largely on its cognitive and analytical factors according to the pre-developed set of responses and queries. Setting and keeping standardised tables and analysis reports, AI-aided tools can thus help HR professionals with the evaluative side of their jobs as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Jarvis-like (but way toned-down, for not everyone, is Tony Stark!) office buddy to handle half of your seemingly dull tasks?

  • Revolutionised training scope

Training programs for new employees can be remodelled using AI feedback. Using a predictive analysis model, AI can merge interpretations of psychology and skill areas to create an efficient and customised training module for employees. Effectiveness and productivity can take flight using remodelled training techniques aided by AI.

Here is how AI is modernising educational tools that can come of help for HR professionals at the implementation level of updated training programs. Pedagogic tools to use during the training process in a remodelled curriculum can also be aided by AI tech. Furthermore, natural language processing techniques can also improve training sessions provided at organisations using cost-effective methods.

  • Aid in performance management

As the job domains remain in constant flux all through the digital age, performance management is going to emerge as one of the leading factors in HR this year. AI can come in handy for bringing in that very change. Employee performance remains at the top of priorities for HR professionals this year, so it may as well as make use of the resourceful tech tools aided with AI.

The predictive and cognitive abilities accompanying AI can provide opportunities to gauge the performance patterns of the employees. The business and managerial discipline do get benefitted a lot from AI, paving ways towards smarter decisions for planning employee improvement. Decisions related to delegation, for example, can thus be aided by AI.

  • Handling conflict resolutions

As the world moves towards a more merged nature with interconnectedness playing a huge role in the form of the Internet, resolving conflicts become more complicated. It is going beyond the field of mere human abilities to entirely ‘resolve’ an issue between employee and management or intra-employee or intra-management conflicts. That is where AI can take over from the humans and go a little beyond that level. The futuristic approach to conflict resolution is thus upon us at last.

AI can form a bridge between the two ends of the spectrums in situations like these. Sometimes we are much more comfortable truly speaking up about our issues when faced with a non-human entity, for example, a bot. That is why AI has a world of potential to become an ingenious tool for HR professionals when conflict resolution situations.

  • Making work funnier by the day

AI features such as ‘gamification’ and ‘simulation’ add to the entire experience that is “the workplace”. Many small businesses are coming up an innovative work atmosphere as a staunch reply to the business biggies, or the upmarket corporate work culture of current times. They are making the workplaces much more fun to be at by introducing gamified tasks and learning. AI also features in the task management tools that are highly interactive and has user-customised features. If that does not increase productivity and quality in business, very few things will.

Parting words

More and more human resource professionals are looking forward to making workplaces a very much fun place to be for employees spend one-third of their lives at their jobs. The finest CHROs of today are thus all for introducing AI and its implementations in the areas that are under the purview of HR. Looking into the future thus looks good with the many possibilities that AI presents. HR trends are on a whole new level when coupled with the benefits of AI. 2018 thus looks to be a promising year for blending AI with HR trends for a futuristic outlook towards work spheres.

Author: Ava Lee

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