How an auto group successfully launched custom videos to its locations in both sales and service

By Jake Hales, Digital Operations Manager, Gee Automotive Companies

Wow, video has been taught as an important strategy at Digital Dealer for over 10 years. This session at Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022, will aim to provide information not necessarily seen before: how did a mid-sized auto group execute launch and sustain custom videos for individual customers? What were their successes and failures?

In 2021, the Gee Automotive Group, a group of 25 dealerships, successfully launched outbound, personalized custom videos for its sales and service customers and carried these practices into 2022. Jake Hales, Digital Operations Manager for the group, will describe the lessons learned across the initiative, including the Tools, Obstacles, Launch Strategy, Sustainment Strategy, and Results.

Tools: The hardware and software required prior to launching this initiative in any dealership. No particular brands of products will be presented here, but the features and standards required for effective and scalable usage of these tools.

Obstacles: How to identify, in advance of launch, the obstacles the dealership will face and how to tackle them.

Launch Strategy: The training approach and some of the content that helped drive the initiative and turn an important sales and service asset in the culture and policy of the Gee Automotive Companies.

Sustainment Strategy: The coaching and reporting tools to keep this initiative strong long after the launch of the initial process.

Results: Specific Gee Automotive Companies economic data of the positive financial gains and CSI/Star Rating Review improvements coming directly from this initiative.

Hear more on the strategy, training, and statistics that resulted from a successful customer video campaign launch across an auto group, in both sales and service, directly from Jake Hales during his session, “The 5-Star Impact of Custom Videos,” at Digital Dealer Las Vegas, Oct. 11-13, 2022. 

Author: Christine Corkran

Digital Dealer