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EpicVIN announced a digital toolkit for automotive dealers designed to improve the vehicle trade-in process. It’s not an easy process to find a good car for purchase nowadays. With a full understanding of what problems dealers may face, EpicWIN makes the trade-in service even better, making it as convenient and fast as possible for their customers.

EpicVIN is well-known in the industry for the company’s vehicle history reports powered by LLC, a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)-approved data provider. Additionally, the EpicVIN Dealer Program offers industry-leading digital marketing solutions, including an online marketplace connecting car buyers with dealer inventory and mobile vehicle history reports.

EpicVIN Helps Dealers Convert Website Visitors to Customers

The EpicVIN Dealer Program delivers a digital marketing toolkit designed specifically for automotive dealers. The marketing and advertising tools help dealerships improve lead generation, enhance digital advertising spending, and increase profits. The program’s latest service offering helps dealers connect with used car owners in their area who are looking to sell their vehicles. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the digital marketing toolkit helps dealers identify when potential customers are most likely to sell their used vehicles.

On the EpicVIN digital marketplace, used car listings bring active leads and unique website visitors monthly to EpicVIN Dealer Program participants. These dealers receive instant notifications to ensure active leads are identified and responded too quickly, improving results. Combined with customer-friendly digital sales tools, the EpicVIN marketplace now delivers a seamless car buying and selling experience. Powered by AI, digital tools help sellers better understand the worth and demand for their used vehicles. Dealer Program participants can access solid leads from that data.

EpicVIN Dealers Program Connects Buyers and Local Dealers

The EpicVIN Dealers Program improves digital marketing results, including through online advertising spend prioritization. Members receive distribution to a global audience of vehicle listings, including top sites EpicVin cars, CarsDesk, and more. This distribution channel connects millions of viewers monthly with online vehicle listings on behalf of dealers across the country. The monthly subscription-based service is a popular choice for automotive dealers in the U.S. Membership includes lead generation tools, global digital distribution, monthly data reports, AI-powered data analytics, and more.

Every EpicVIN used vehicle report is powered by the company’s industry-leading vehicle history database. Both individual sellers and buyers, as well as dealers, depend on vehicle history reports to protect their investment. EpicVIN vehicle history reports identify key information about a pre-owned vehicle, including mileage, odometer reading, number of owners, and years of use. A mobile-friendly report can be pulled anywhere, at any time, and includes a vehicle’s year, make, model, trim, engine, style, steering type, fuel, height/length/width, seating, tires, highway vs city mileage, invoice price, and MSRP. A sample vehicle history report can be found here:

“The EpicVIN Dealers Program helps minimize risk for individual buyers, as well as auto dealers by providing the information you need to sell, buy, and trade-in a previously owned vehicle securely,” said Alex Black, CMO, EpicVIN. “If a dealer accepts a vehicle trade-in and then discovers the car has been in an accident or incurred other damages, it’s too late to return it to the owner. That’s why EpicVIN’s vehicle history reports are such an essential tool in the industry. Combined with customized digital marketing tools and our online vehicle marketplace, the EpicVIN Dealers Program helps business owners make smart investments and improve profits.”

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Author: Christine Corkran

Digital Dealer