How to get employees to accept new technology? Even the best technology can fail if your dealership employees don’t accept the new process or don’t get trained on how to use it. Technology inertia happens where employees resist change out of fear and strive to do things the old way. What are some new ways to get better acceptance and proven methods of training that gets results? If you or your employees are struggling with a new DMS, CRM or other software product, then you need to learn new methods of obtaining acceptance and getting better results from your training efforts. Sandi Jerome is sharing her expertise with you.


What will you learn and what action items will you take back to the dealership?
1. How a technology committee can help with your employee acceptance.
2. An understanding of the three levels of training and ways they fail.
3. How to use result-based training to gain acceptance and get results.

Sandi Jerome has over 30 years experience in the car business. She was one of the first female F&I managers and eventually became a CPA, office manager and controller of a large mega store. She has managed a dealership group as CFO and been a fixed operations manager and assistant GM. She was the first editor of Digital Dealer magazine and consults on 11 DMS systems and is a certified ADP consultant. She speaks most years at NADA on office management and technology and her seminars are typically ranked in the top 10%.

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