Mike Boyd, iRecon Senior Business Development Director and Founder, Cox Automotive Inc.

Prolonged new vehicle inventory shortages coupled with supply chain disruptions are pressuring dealership management to find or better leverage new revenue streams.

One such solution lies in more expeditiously getting trade-ins reconditioned and onto the sales lot.

iRecon Senior Business Development Director and Founder, Mike Boyd, offers these tips for reducing time-on-task:

• Prioritize: Dealership management must prioritize the vehicle reconditioning process, identifying what work needs to be completed on each trade-in.
• Scheduling: A cohesive schedule must be established and closely monitored.
• Accountability: Staff technicians and contracted vendors must be held accountable for performing service expeditiously.
• Take ownership: Utilizing data and closely monitoring the reconditioning process requires dealership executives to take a much more pronounced role.
• Have Solutions: Dealership management must quickly provide remedies to problems and inefficiencies along the way. This is as critical as the under-the-hood work performed by service technicians.

About the Author

Mike Boyd is a senior director of business development and founder iRecon. He’s been with Cox Automotive since 2018.

Author: Christine Corkran

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