5/10/2022 10:00 – 10:50 AM

Room: Keynote Hall


Michael Renaud

General Manager

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions

Michael Renaud began his automotive career in the New York metro area market before becoming the General Manager of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions. With expertise in BDC Structure/Management, Sales Management, Fixed Operations, Marketing, buy/sells and Operations, Michael has worked for both franchised and independent dealers. He brings his breadth of experience across the dealerships to help clients improve their bottom line results. During his time at the dealership, Michael achieved 30% growth in both used and new sales by embracing structured training and a culture of business development. Fixed ops wasn’t lost on Michael, he developed a comprehensive ad strategy that led to Service and Parts being open more hours than the sales department seeing customer pay RO growth of 27% and developed a stand-alone retail/wholesale parts site that generated over $1 million per year in revenue. Michael developed multi-channel marketing strategies, eliminating all 3rd-party lead providers which was consistently top in the marketplace and was recognized by Facebook as an Automotive Innovator and highlighted as an Automotive Success Story.

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