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Dealer Alchemist, a fast-growing innovator in digital marketing, is thrilled to announce that our CRO, Lisa Gener, has been named one of AutoSuccess’ second-annual Women at The Wheel Honorees. The mission of Women at The Wheel is to honor the industry’s female automotive professionals at the top of their game.

Being a successful woman in automotive sales is no small feat. Lisa has had her hand on the pulse of the industry for more than two decades and it has not been without challenges, but her tenacity, insistence on transparency and collaborative attitude have served her well.

“I have a deep appreciation for the level of dedication, grit, commitment, and fortitude that an eighteen-year pursuit in automotive takes, including earning a position as a female executive in our industry,” Gener says. “Most of all, I am proud of how this devotion has created an incredible business partnership that stands for integrity and transparency.”

Even with the progress that’s been made in the industry, sometimes the ride to the top is not a linear one. Lisa attributes her accomplishments to her adaptability: “There’s a certain fearlessness that is gained from the harrowing roller coaster rides one has as a ten-year entrepreneur, “Lisa says. “And that might certainly make me unique. Success is also who you surround yourself with, my business partner and I have tenure, foresight and aligned values and our team shares those. “Better together” is an outright affirmation of success!”

When asked if she had any advice for other women in automotive, Lisa replied: “Be intentional with yourself at the start and end of each day. Stay centered in your authentic self and grounded in your principles, network with other women you hold in high esteem, and always uplift the women around you!”

Lisa is one of 14 women who will appear in a special section of AutoSuccess’ June 2022 issue as well as across multiple online platforms.

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Author: Christine Corkran

Digital Dealer