Dealerships solve business challenges and save money with automotive Facebook advertising strategies, even in uncertain climates.

SARASOTA, Fla., May 19, 2020 — Dealers United is paving the way for more effective digital advertising in the automotive industry. The company’s clients, like Power Ford based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are spending less on advertising while seeing a greater return on their investment by utilizing Dealers United marketing strategies.

Power Ford began running its own Facebook campaigns in 2017 but wanted a partner who could help strengthen their social advertising strategy and craft the perfect ad for every car shopper. The dealership sought a competitive advantage that would help them be recognized as the #1 selling Ford dealer in New Mexico, a title held by their competitor for 28 straight years.

Power Ford partnered with Dealers United, a Facebook Marketing Partner, and implemented their Full Suite Facebook Advertising Package, which included automotive inventory ads, new car ads, and custom dealership branding ads. The Ford dealership also took advantage of Dealers United’s access to Oracle Data Cloud audiences with IHS Markit and POLK automotive data for a targeted data strategy. Since working with Dealers United, Power Ford has claimed the #1 Selling Ford Dealer in New Mexico title seven times.

In 2019, Power Ford increased their cumulative six-month year-over-year new car unit sales by 13.9%, while the Albuquerque new vehicle market was down 3.8%. They were also able to save over $285,000 on overall advertising, decreasing their radio, print, and Google paid advertising budgets.

“Targeted Facebook ads have played a key part in our growth and overall market share,” explained Matt Sneed, director of marketing and customer experience at Power Ford. “Last year, we saw a 10% increase in vehicle sales while investing 24% less than we did the previous year. Comparing January through April (2019 vs. 2020), we have continued to decrease our total ad costs by 25% and have increased dealer profits by 19.3%.”

Since the beginning of 2020, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Power Ford was able to beat the Albuquerque market average in new vehicle sales by 12%, with 28% of all traffic coming from their paid ads on Facebook, making it the dealership’s #1 traffic source. From March 2020 to April 2020, the dealership attributed 130 unit sales to their Facebook Ad campaigns and had the highest amount of vehicle leads in March 2020 than any other time in three years.

“Dealers United is the fuel to the engine that drives our marketing efforts,” said Sneed. “Our experience with Dealers United has been outstanding. We do not view them as a vendor. We view them as a partner. They know that when we succeed, they succeed.”

Dealers United’s success comes from its close working relationship with Facebook Automotive to define the Auto Buyer Journey and how Facebook ads play a part in each stage of that consumer journey. Their strategy helps closely monitor shopper behavior, adjusts messaging to fit each individual, and then delivers ads within proven time windows, maximizing dealer’s ad spend and results.

By delivering powerful ad technology and strategies directly into the hands of auto dealers, Dealers United gives its clients the tools to influence auto shoppers throughout the Auto Buyer Journey, from diversifying dealerships from their competition 30 days before purchase to building customers for life.

“Power Ford’s success is a great example of how dealerships can use Facebook to get their message out quickly to their community in any climate and for any objective,” said CEO of Dealers United, Pete Petersen. “Consumers are spending more time on Facebook and Instagram than ever, and the team at Power Ford has built amazing content to connect with their community, showing how they’re putting customers first and focusing on the customer experience. Their full-funnel strategy focused on the buyer journey has allowed Power Ford to create a consistent flow of opportunities, even amidst a crisis.” 

Dealers United empowers its clients’ marketing strategies by giving auto dealers the power to quickly solve real business challenges without depending wholly on traditional, legacy media or third-party listing sites.

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