“Sometimes You Gotta Be Your Own Plow Guy”

The plow guy is late today, and you’re going to have to dig yourself out.

Why are you waiting for your conflicted digital marketing vendor to solve your problems? Bring your OEM Reports (Sales by ZIP Code, Pump-in / Pump-out, and Competitive Make Registrations), and we’ll show you how to solve your own problems.

This webinar will show you data-driven methodologies and strategies to solve your own sales and marketing problems – stop waiting for your conflicted vendor to bring ideas to you! Based on what you learn, you may need to find yourself a more reliable plow guy – one who digs you out first…

Primary Learning Objectives:
● Ford, Lincoln, and Stellantis dealers – Learn how to increase custom orders to reach your 30% target.
● Toyota dealers – You will have more cars than the other guys. Learn how to maximize that advantage.
● All other brands – Learn how to fight off the custom order rampage of Ford and Stellantis while overcoming Toyota’s inventory advantage.


Rob Stoesser
Vice President, OEM @C-4 Analytics
Rob Stoesser brings a comprehensive knowledge of and sincere passion for the automotive industry to C-4 Analytics, where he serves as Vice President, OEM. Rob has explored and excelled in many facets of the automotive world for the better part of three decades, working directly with and for dealerships, vendors and manufacturers from around the world.

Author: Jennifer Allen

Digital Dealer