Recession? Now Is the Best Time To Gain Market Share

The bear has replaced the bull as the Wall Street mascot. New car transaction prices are approaching $50k, gas prices nearing $5, the chip crisis continues, and the Federal Reserve is ratcheting up interest rates. What is a dealer to do?

It’s time to gain market share. C-4 Analytics was founded in the depths of the ‘Great Recession’, and we’ve always focused on increasing dealer market share. Join Rob Stoesser, VP of OEM Relations for a tell-all webinar and leave with concrete action items you can put in place today.

Watch this webinar to:
1. Learn how this recession could be different from previous contractions – and how it could benefit car dealers.
2. Hear how to leverage this economic uncertainty for your advantage.
3. Earning market share increases, which you will keep for years to come.


Rob Stoesser
Vice President, OEM @C-4 Analytics
Rob Stoesser brings a comprehensive knowledge of and sincere passion for the automotive industry to C-4 Analytics, where he serves as Vice President, OEM. Rob has explored and excelled in many facets of the automotive world for the better part of three decades, working directly with and for dealerships, vendors, and manufacturers worldwide.

Author: Jennifer Allen

Digital Dealer