Digital Marketing Is a Half-Truth

There is a misconception floating around our industry that dealers are engaged in “digital marketing.” This is not the case.

Using truth, fact, and logic – by sharing an actual mathematical theorem supporting this argument, we will prove, structurally, that what dealers are doing today is not marketing. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Why should you care? As the industry evolves to lower days-supply, custom orders, electric vehicles, and potentially agency-based factory stores, true marketing matters more than it ever has.

We’ll use this time to map out the problem, walk through solutions, discuss it during a healthy question and answer session, and then continue the conversation at Digital Dealer Las Vegas next month.

1. Discover why what you are doing is not marketing.
2. Learn the structural issues preventing many digital vendors from giving you what you need.
3. Gain insight into the changes you can make now to stop the insanity.

Author: Jennifer Allen

Digital Dealer