Compliance expert adds regulatory confidence to TecAssured™ e-contracting/e-rating software suite for dealers, administrators, and F&I product/menu providers

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 12, 2016 – Over the Edge, a technology development/design company and creator of the TecAssured™ Software Suite, is pleased to announce its partnership with Keith Whann, a national compliance expert and attorney. Whann’s role will be to advise and consult clients as they use the company’s TecAssured system to easily create, sell, manage and administrate F&I, warranty and other protection products.

Released to the public in May, TecAssured is an innovative, cloud-based e-rating and e-contracting solution that provides easy-to-use tools for dealers, agents and TPAs to sell and manage their own custom, private-label products. With the power to self-administer high-revenue, high-growth products now in their hands, these businesses will need protection from complex industry laws and regulations to avoid potential fines and litigation. The partnership between Over the Edge and Whann meets this vital need.

Whann is a leading authority on the issues that face automotive dealers, agents and related businesses – including compliance, sales, F&I, and technology. For more than 30 years, Whann has successfully predicted industry and regulatory trends, including the development and implementation of several compliance document-review and dealership walk-through programs. Whann also consults businesses on how to integrate F&I products and services into the sales and financing process from a big-picture perspective.

The new partnership will help dealers and TPAs “navigate the minefield of regulations and compliance with confidence,” according to Over the Edge Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Pesce. “Keith is one of the few people in this industry who has seen it from all sides – as a former regulator, industry attorney, business owner and technology developer,” Pesce said. “He understands the many nuances involved and can help our clients develop profitable products while staying within industry guidelines.”

As government regulations become increasingly complex, any warranty or service creator could unwittingly find his business facing legal trouble. “When we sat down to talk, I had a user’s F&I menu screen open on my desktop. Keith’s keen eye quickly saw six potential compliance hurdles in their product development,” Pesce said. “With Keith on board, we can now offer our clients the added service of expert compliance guidance as they create products with our TecAssured system.”

“Over The Edge is providing powerful technology that has a direct impact in the dealership F&I department,” Whann said. “My work will make a difference to TecAssured users by making transparency and compliance not just words, but real dealership practice.”

Pesce and Whann will be offering complimentary consultations and product demonstrations at the 2016 Industry Summit in Las Vegas and can be contacted directly at 614-638-3476.

About Over the Edge
Based in Columbus, Ohio, Over the Edge Corp. (OTE) is a collaboration of technology, design, and industry experts catering to the unique needs of the automotive insurance industry. OTE consultants have more than 40 years of combined experience in F&I, company-specific warranty and service contract products, e-rating and administration. OTE offers a full suite of services including software development, design, branding, cloud services and administration consulting. For more information, visit For information about the TecAssured™ Administrative System,visit

About Keith Whann
Keith Whann is a leading national authority on sales, F&I, compliance and technology issues facing dealers and businesses in the automotive industry. During his more than 30 years of practice, Whann has served as Assistant Ohio Attorney General, Founder of Whann & Associates, and Founder/CEO of The Whann Group – which provides compliance, training and technology solutions to the automotive industry. For more information,visit

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