Rapid industry adoption of AutoAp, Inc.’s Safety Recall Management SAAS, has propelled them to more than 1,000 client rooftops.

Expanding legislation adding restrictions on advertising, disclosing, selling, loaning or renting vehicles with open safety recalls at the federal and state levels, coupled with systemic recall status errors and timing delays between the vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), creates confusion and liability risk for companies managing safety recalls on their vehicle inventories.

Auto industry owners and executives recognize that recalls represent a serious and ongoing liability and financial threat to their operations, but until AutoAp’s proprietary technology solutions solved for the errors and timing issues that plagues current safety recall information sources, companies had no accurate, timely or efficient solution available to them.

Franchised and independent dealers, fleet managers and rental companies agree, and have affirmed AutoAp’s recall management solutions, by having more than 1,000 rooftops use their services, as of April, 2019.

Mitchel Bone, Partner/GM at Wilson County Motors said: “Since we’ve gotten onto AutoAp, I rest a lot easier. I feel super comfortable knowing that we’re putting cars out there on the road that are 100% safe and that I don’t have to worry about my customers.

Complying with legislation requiring disclosure, stop-sale, or grounding of open recalled vehicles for rentals and loaners is time-consuming has also been addressed by AutoAp’s solutions.

Randy Nidalmia, GM/Owner at Southern Oregon Subaru shared: “AutoAp has helped us achieve our safety recall management goals: Everybody knows every morning what the status is of every car in our inventory. We did do our due diligence and the company was everything they promised it would be. Our experience working with them has been awesome.

AutoAp’s direct and integrated recall management solutions have given the industry the requisite capabilities to automate dealer processes and cost-effectively manage their safety recall liability.

Dennis McGinn, CEO of Rapid Recon said: “The Time 2 Line performance for dealerships to operate at an acceptable profit level has to average 3 to 5 days. Addressing Open Safety Recalls is not optional and if missed, can result in million dollar exposure. We looked for a source to help our clients and quickly found the industry’s leading solution provider, AutoAp. We compared them to all other sources and determined they are the real deal. We’ve now had millions of cars go through the system and customers really benefit from it.

Launched in 2014 and continuously refined through client feedback to provide even more value, franchised dealer clients have reported more than an 80% decrease in their open safety recall rates. In a recent survey, clients said they trust AutoAp’s recall information nearly 2 to 1 over their own OEM dealer communication systems, which helps them make even better and faster decisions.

The industry’s adoption of our unique solutions to the complex safety recall problem is significant. We have invested heavily in recall management technology and provide clients an unprecedented level of accuracy, automation and support to help them achieve the results they want: reduce liability, increase customer/driver safety, and decrease the cost and the uncertainty associated with recall management.” said Mark Paul, AutoAp’s CEO.

AutoAp, Inc. is the industry’s #1 provider of accurate, timely and comprehensive safety recall management; available in direct and integrated solutions to help dealers, rental companies and fleet managers make better business decisions at vehicle acquisition; reduce their safety recall liability for vehicles in inventory, increasing customer safety and generating additional revenue and profits.

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