Portland, Oregon – February 10, 2015 – Automobile dealerships now have a dynamic and cost-effective solution to easily verify if the cars and trucks they sell to consumers have ‘open’ safety recalls that need repairs, and to keep track of the recall status on their vehicle inventory on a daily basis.

In 2014, 60 million vehicles were affected by safety recalls. With the launch of the Dynamic Recall Management℠ service from AutoAp, dealerships can now know which of their vehicles are affected by safety recalls every day – and get them repaired before sale.

Prior to the launch of the Company’s new service, there was no easy or cost-effective way for Dealers to be certain every day whether the safety recall history on each vehicle in their inventory included any open safety recalls. AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management℠ service solves this and other significant safety recall management problems affecting more than 17,000 franchise dealers and 40,000 independent used-car dealers in the U.S.

The service automates most of the process for dealers, cutting the time it takes manually from more than 80 hrs. per month, down to just a few minutes each day – saving an estimated $18,000/year for an average dealer with a monthly inventory of 100 vehicles.

Although dealerships can and do buy vehicle history reports that can include recall checks, dealers would have get a new report on each vehicle every day; analyze the results and develop actionable reports in order to stay current with newly issued recalls – and still wouldn’t know if a newly issued NHTSA recall affected a specific vehicle in their inventory if the manufacturer hasn’t yet announced the pool of VINs affected by a recall.

Further, due to significant and numerous NHTSA safety recall database errors discovered and corrected by AutoAp goo.gl/yGk3vj, the Company now has the most accurate single source safety recall database available in the industry.

Carr Auto Group in Beaverton, Oregon is the first car dealership in the nation to implement a dynamic solution to verify that the cars and trucks they sell to consumers do not have ‘open’ safety recalls that need repairs, and to automatically keep track of the recall status on their entire vehicle inventory on a daily basis.

Brad Preble, President of Carr Auto Group said: “I sleep better at night now that I have the Dynamic Recall Management℠ service, checking all my inventory for recalls every night. I receive a status report each morning; early warning when NHTSA issues a new recall that my manufacturer hasn’t even told me about, and automated alerts when new recalls affect any vehicles on my lot that were verified safety recall-free just yesterday!” He went on to say: “AutoAp, Inc. has introduced a very effective tool with several technologies not currently found in the automotive marketplace.”

“Although AutoAp saves people time and money when buying and selling used vehicles – and keeps them safe through safety recall alerts, we also integrate our solution with dealers,” said Mark Paul, AutoAp’s CEO. He went on to say: “With all the news about dealerships having difficulty staying on top of all the manufacturers’ recalls, we decided to do something about it.”

Before officially launching the service, dealerships were praising this innovative solution: “AutoAp’s DRM Service will revolutionize the process of dynamically checking for open recalls in the automotive market.” said Jon Lancaster: Successfully built and sold the Lancaster Family of Dealerships. Madison, WI. He went on to say: “In fact, any dealership executive who reads this article may find themselves in a tough spot: I can almost hear the judge saying: ‘You either knew or should have known…’ about a way to address this growing problem.”

AutoAp, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based automotive software company providing solutions for auto dealers that enable them to connect to the private-party consumer market for sales, service and repair business in unique ways, creating inbound appointments rather than fought over, low close-ratio leads.

Dealerships can visit goo.gl/81EPsU for more information on the Dynamic Recall Management℠ service from AutoAp, Inc.

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