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Quantum5, the first platform to transform dealership training and bridge the gap between the traditional and digital customer, announced the completion of their acquisition of Marcom Results Group (MRG). MRG started in 2014 and is a licensed provider of Marcom Technologies. Marcom Technologies (MT) is a 30-year-old industry staple that was the first to record and provide accountability for sales and service calls to and from the dealership. MRG has been the largest provider of MT’s software since 2014 and has some of the nation’s best dealers as clients.

The addition of MRG’s industry experience coaching and scoring of sales and service calls will allow clients to experience other data and ROI-driven training. By encouraging dealer personnel to “ditch the scripts”, and instead follow a guided process that enables the person taking the call to be themselves, MRG has consistently produced outstanding ROI for their dealership clients.

“The addition of MRG’s team and expertise alongside the Quantum5 family fits perfectly with the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish, bringing the human element back to dealership sales and service for top-line results,” said David O’Brien, co-founder of Quantum5. “We look forward to taking the great work that the MRG team currently provides with scoring and coaching of calls and converting those opportunities into behavior change and bringing it to a larger audience of dealers that wants ROI on their phone traffic.”

One of the first things dealerships will benefit from is call measurement that includes technology and humans who put their ear to calls. Clients who use call recording services well know the dangers of only trusting the AI transcription of calls but with Marcom’s human ears and one on one coaching of the sales and service team dealers can count on improvements.

“What has caused us to be successful for our dealers has been our interactive training, consistent coaching, and real human connection to the people in the dealerships. Having MRG be acquired by – Quantum5 and its people-first approach couldn’t be a better match and couldn’t bring a better future for our loyal dealerships,” says Grady Flowers, President of MRG.

Grady and the entire MRG team are staying in place to continue their mission alongside – Quantum5. Along with the current team, Sarah Vantine, VP of Quantum5, will be a bridge with MRG to elevate the client experience even further.

With clients like Germain Motor Company, Chapman Automotive and many others, Marcom Results Group and their comprehensive coaching packages for improving phone results will be a welcome addition to the – Quantum5 team, for more information, visit:

About Quantum5
Quantum5 wants to digitally transform the automotive buying experience by shifting to a lifetime value model versus the transactional model of the past. Using an advanced learning platform, Quantum5 delivers training on the key people skills and behavioral tactics needed to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. After the initial training, a Community Manager continues to support the learner through technology-driven analysis that improves results, with the process rounded out by a Community Architect who know automotive and visits dealership managers to customize the support of their team. The result? An advanced training platform that builds lifetime value for customers and enables dealership staff to learn how they live and increase results. You can find out more about Quantum5 at

Author: Christine Corkran

Digital Dealer