Announcement from Quantum5

Quantum5, a leading training company that brings people and technology together for sustained learning and higher profits, announced that Kenwood Dealer Group was able to increase gross profits by more than 2% and labor rates by more than 7% in the first quarter of 2022 by using the people-first methods taught by the company.

Dave Fay, Director of Fixed Operations at Kenwood, was looking for a system that would properly support their service advisors in understanding consumers, build relationships, and foster an open line of communication. After exploring different options, Fay was impressed by Quantum5’s commitment to ongoing relationships and accountability.

“Unlike other trainers, they don’t just train and leave. “They care about results,” said Fay.

Quantum5’s training goes beyond slides in a PowerPoint presentation taught over a few days. Through the company’s innovative approach, each dealer team is assigned a Community Manager after the physical training ends. The Community Manager continues to monitor and interact with the training participants over time to encourage sustainment of the lessons and continuously build upon their skills. The manager also visits stores quarterly to assess efficiency and provide guidance for the team, in this way ensuring the training continues long after the initial lessons are complete.

Since participating in Quantum5’s training, Kenwood Dealer Group’s gross profits have increased by 2.8% and ELR (Effective Labor Rate) has increased by 7.7%. With close to 12,000 ROs each month at Kenwood’s service centers, 12,000 people are positively-impacted by Quantum⁵’s training methods every month.

“Everyone in our industry says we’re not in the car business, we’re in the people business,’’ Fay explains. “Well, Quantum⁵ is a company that actually teaches us our business. Quantum⁵ teaches us about people.”

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Author: Christine Corkran

Digital Dealer