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Full Service Automotive Marketing Company Releases Over 150 Dealership-Branded Videos Specifically for Fixed Operations

FixedOPS Marketing, a full service marketing solution and service specials provider, announced the launch of its PRESTIGE solution which allows dealerships to create custom video marketing content in just minutes to be distributed automatically to their social media networks, such as YouTube and Facebook. As the original producers of custom video content for fixed operations, FixedOPS Marketing has led the way in bringing video marketing to fixed operations departments around the United States.

Of the development and successful launch of PRESTIGE, FixedOPS Marketing’s Managing Partner, Russell B. Hill said, “There’s never been a fully accessible video library available to fixed operations that not only allows for dealership branding and quick and inexpensive production, but fully automated to be published to dealership’s social media networks, such as YouTube and Facebook. This changes how digital marketing is done in fixed operations.”

To prepare for the successful launch of PRESTIGE, FixedOPS Marketing planned and executed the following:

  • In order to upgrade current customers from FixedOPS Marketing’s SEO product PERFORMANCE, it was essential to heavily test and record the performance of the full video marketing platform. This was done through beta testing a select number of current clients, which funneled all the results through the company’s vast reporting tool; a tool that measures analytics on many definitive levels. The product’s overall performance since beta testing began promises an average of 20% or more service website conversion rates.
  • While the company recently launched with PERFORMANCE, a freshly-developed full fixed operations marketing solution with video marketing integration, its founding partners were determined to incorporate quick and easy dealership-branded videos into the product platform. The product was built to be self-managed, with automatic reporting occurring on a requested basis and easy drag and drop functionality to ease the workload on service managers and service directors. Clients who have launched PRESTIGE are seeing growing organic search results, an increase in clients of diverse demographic backgrounds, and an increase in online lead generation.

To celebrate the launch of PRESTIGE, FixedOPS Marketing is offering exclusive pricing for early adopters at $995. Along with the standard ‘No contracts. No obligation. Cancel Anytime.’ policy, the company believes the product launch will be an exciting addition to fixed ops departments across North America.

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About FixedOPS Marketing:

FixedOPS Marketing offers a comprehensive Service Department Revenue Growth Solution with a completely different mindset, full of forward-thinking expertise, exceptional service, marketing, and technology. To change an industry, you need BIG IDEAS. Our ideas are HUGE, and our goal is nothing less than completely shattering people’s ideas of what is possible with Service Marketing, and showing them products and solutions that will exceed all expectations while driving your revenue and profit through the roof. Come take a ride with us – this is going to be a fun journey!

Author: Alissa Frey

Digital Dealer