How to Use Phone Call Data To Improve the Customer Journey and Return on Ad Spend

Car buyers today call dealerships before visiting, and most car owners call dealerships to book service appointments. Your revenue hinges on how well your marketing team drives phone leads to your dealerships — and the experience your sales and service teams provide those callers to convert them.

Join us to learn how a complete marketing and sales solution for phone calls can improve both your return on ad spend and the customer experience.

Learning Path and Objectives:
– How to inform your marketing teams what campaigns, ads, and search keywords drive the most valuable sales and service calls so they can drive more of them
– Automatically route each caller to the best department or rep to assist them
– Use A.I. to analyze every conversation to tell you how well your reps are converting callers, what they do right, and what they do wrong so your managers can coach them on the exact areas to improve

Large auto retailers like AutoNation use Invoca to drive millions of phone leads to their dealerships and provide the right experiences to convert them.

Author: Jennifer Allen

Digital Dealer